5 Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Shirt Designing Process


One creative outlet is designing a shirt, whether for company purposes, adding something new to your wardrobe, or improving your fashion. To do so, you need to learn some tips for brainstorming your shirt’s design concept before looking for a tee shirt printing in Singapore

To help you brainstorm ideas, here are some pro tips to get your shirt design inspiration. 

1) Think of Your Target Market 

The first step to conceptualising your shirt’s design is considering your target market. Are your target audience old or young, men or women, or perhaps your employees? Think of their shared preferences and use them for your design ideas before the t shirt printing in Singapore. 

2) Design Artwork Piece 

Designing an artwork can be a fun process. You can sketch, paint, use Adobe Illustrator, or edit pictures. By creating an artwork piece, you can get an idea of what your shirt will look like once you incorporate it into the final product. 

3) Look for a Reliable Printer 

Another way to brainstorm ideas is to look for a reliable printing company. With this, they can help you decide what type of printing method suits your needs. You can go for the same day t shirt printing in Singapore or choose the digital printing method. 

4) Play With Colours 

Playing with colours is also an excellent way to generate ideas. For instance, you can mix light stains with darker shades or neon colours with creamy tones. Once you find the perfect combination, you can start the express t shirt printing in Singapore. 

5) Keep it Simple 

When brainstorming ideas, you might think of more complicated design concepts that will only lead to confusion. It’s better to keep it simple to deliver your message through the shirt. After this, you can now send your design files for instant t shirt printing in Singapore. Brainstorm ideas using these tips above before sending your design files to Express Printing in Singapore. After finalising your designs, visit their website to have their tee shirt printing services.

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