5 Two-Wheeler Insurance Misconceptions to be Ignored


Based on a recent survey, one in three households in India own a two-wheeler. Though riding a two-wheeler can be fun and exciting, owners of two-wheelers have their own fair share of worries. To enjoy a worry-free bike riding experience, it is important that you have two-wheeler insurance with you. However, there are few misconceptions with regards to a bike insurance policy which we would break today. 

The Reality of Two-Wheeler Insurance in India 

Road accidents are extremely common in India, and driving a two-wheeler is especially risk-prone. 

A recent statistic showed that as much as 48,750 bike users lost their lives in the year 2017 alone. For your two-wheeler to run smoothly on roads, it is important that it is routinely serviced for any irregularities. Moreover, a comprehensive bike insurance policy would ensure the protection of both the bike and the rider in case of any unfortunate event. 

A bike insurance policy

5 Two-Wheeler Insurance Misconceptions to be Ignored 

We would now unravel the truth behind the 5 most common misconceptions which people have associated with two-wheeler insurance which are better left ignored. 

  • Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance is Very Complicated

Most of the people still believe that buying two-wheeler insurance is a time consuming and complicated task. However, in reality, it is not the case anymore. Today, buying insurance has become amazingly simple. You can easily visit the website of the insurance company of your choice and buy bike insurance which suits you. And all this from the comfort of your house. 

You can browse through various insurance providers available to you, analyse their different plans, compare the quotes online and then choose a plan which suits your needs perfectly. 

  • Third-Party Insurance is Sufficient for My Bike 

Owning third-party insurance is mandatory in India; however, it is not sufficient for your two-wheeler. Third-party bike insurance will cover for losses and damages caused to the third-party in the accident. Though, we must understand that the rider of the bike or two-wheeler is equally exposed to danger when involved in an accident. In such a scenario, third-party insurance would fall insufficient. 

On the other hand, when you choose a comprehensive bike insurance plan, it not only covers the third-party persona and vehicle involved in the accident but also covers you and your bike against any kind of injury or damage. A comprehensive bike insurance plan further protects your vehicle against damages caused by natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc. and man-made disasters such as riots or vandalism. 

Hence, to cover yourself, your vehicle as well as the third party, it is advisable to opt for a comprehensive bike insurance plan.

  • Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online is Not Secure

People tend to have a notion that buying two-wheeler insurance online is not secure and that the personal data of an individual is at risk. However, in reality, buying bike insurance online is completely safe and secure. 

The data you provide to insurance companies is guarded and kept confidential. Insurance providers take absolute care that the information you provide them, as well as the transactions which happen online, are safe and protected against any kind of fraudulent activities. 

  1. Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance is Costly
    Truth be told, buying two-wheeler insurance is not awfully expensive. This is a high time for people to understand that buying two-wheeler insurance is more of a necessity than a luxury. As we said, it is important you do good analysis and research before you purchase bike insurance so that you land the perfect insurance deal for your bike. 

The two wheeler insurance renewal charges, as well as premium charges and flexibility of payment, are some basic factors for you to keep in mind while you hunt for your bike insurance policy. 

  1. Two-Wheeler Insurance Provides Coverage Against All Damages
    It is true that two-wheeler insurance will offer you coverage against any unfortunate accident or mishap that might take place. However, we must remember that there are certain exceptional cases, such as damage caused in an accident where the policyholder was under the influence of alcohol. In such condition, the insurance company has the right to nullify the claim for the coverage. 

Additionally, the coverage also depends upon the type of policy purchased. For instance, a third-party bike insurance policy will not cover claims for own-damage. Hence, it would be advisable to always read the fine print of terms and conditions before purchasing a bike insurance policy. 


In today’s time, buying two-wheeler insurance is a seamless process. Before you purchase your two-wheeler insurance, it would be best if you understand all the advantages which you could leverage from the policy. Having a sound knowledge of two-wheeler insurance before you buy the policy could be of great help. Secure yourself and protect your vehicle from damages by purchasing two-wheeler insurance today. 


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