5 Tips For Selling An Old House


Old houses have always been popular. This is a result of modern houses being too small and simple. Most people prefer old houses to modern ones because of their emotional attachment to growing up in such houses. If you own an old house, you might find it challenging to sell despite its high demands. For a house to be considered old, it must have been built from the 90s down. Going by that definition, over 40% of all the houses in Montreal, Canada, are considered old—they were all built between 1971-1998.

The trick of selling an old house, especially if it’s yours, is to be physical and emotionally capable of handling potential buyers. You must be able to market the house like a bottle of wine or a slice of cheese that has gotten better with time. For a quick and stressless house sale, here are some tips.

1. Have The Right House Documents

Proper housing documentation is essential for a successful house sale. Buyers are more attracted to well-documented houses because they feel safe and confident that the house is legit. If you want to document your old house for sale, ask a real estate lawyer in Montreal, who specializes in house insurance.

2. Ensure That The House Is In Good Condition

One thing new house owners hate after buying a house is spending extra money fixing it. Before you sell your old house, ensure the electric wiring, plumbing, roof, and windows have to be in perfect shape. This will help you sell the house fast and possibly above market price. All ongoing projects on the house must be completed before putting it on the market.

3. Market What Makes It Special

Every house built between the 1970s and the late 1990s has a distinguishing feature. It might be the beautiful designs in the fireplace, the location of the house, notable personalities that have lived there, or its neighbourhood. Whatever it is, you must highlight these points when marketing to make the old house more attractive and valuable.

4. Don’t Get Emotional In Front Of Potential Buyers

No matter how emotionally attached you are to the house, hiding those emotions increases your chances of selling it fast. Making up your mind to sell your home will not be easy, but once it’s done, you must begin to see yourself as a businessperson looking to sell a real estate property rather than a house owner showing strangers his childhood home. With a business mindset, you will be able to get more value for the house.

5. Set A Reasonable Price

At the end of the day, it all comes down to money. If you have done an exceptional job maintaining and marketing the house, buyers might pay the premium price. However, an unrealistic price tag no matter the quality of the house will scare away interested buyers. To get the right valuation for the house, seek the services of a realtor or a property agent.

You Don’t Have to do It Alone

If you view house selling as too much stress, give the contract to a licensed real estate firm to handle the marketing and sales of the property for a percentage of the sales.

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