5 Things You Must Check About Smoking Subscription Boxes


Cannabis for recreation has been legalized in several states of the USA. If you seek a little novelty or want to get some enjoyment out of the smoke, you can try smoking subscription boxes. It is a novel concept, and you need to be careful when ordering one. Here are five things you must check about weed subscription boxes. 

  • Interesting Selection of Products 

The weed subscription boxes come with various assortments like glass pipes, hitter bowls, rolling papers, herb grinders, hemp wraps, water bongs, glass water pipes, and many more. The smoking subscription box you select should provide you a variety of smoke items. Since the variety of smoke items is large, some companies provide different smoking items every time, allowing you to try individual smoking items. 

  • High-Quality Stuff

Quality is an essential aspect of all cannabis products, including smoking subscription boxes. Currently, the standards used by the cannabis industry in testing, analytics, packaging, consumer reporting, and the benchmarks of drug delivery are fundamental. 

The market is full of cannabis products with different quality standards. Like any product, bad quality cannabis products can prove harmful to your health. Hence, you need to opt for branded cannabis products that ensure the manufacturer uses suitable extraction methods and high-quality raw material to create the smoke items packed in the subscription boxes. 

  • Customizable 

Though there is a wide range of assortments or smoke items available, you might not like all of them. It is quite a common thing to have personal favorites. Hence, look for a cannabis products supplier to customize the weed subscription box as per your preferences. It will ensure you are not stuck with items that you do not enjoy, which is a waste of money. 

  • Option to Choose Frequency 

A subscription generally means the product will be automatically delivered at regular intervals. Generally, a weed subscription box may have 9 to 10 items or more. Smoking cannabis might be fun, but you should not get addicted to it. 

Some stores allow customers to choose the frequency of the subscription boxes, like once a month, once in two months, or once in three months. A weed subscription box could cost $110 or more. An option to choose the subscription frequency ensures you remain in complete control of your smoking enjoyment and don’t spend much on these smoking products. 

  • Flexible Cancellation and Refund Policy 

As mentioned earlier, some states have not granted legal status to cannabis. For example, if you are traveling to Alabama, Idaho, or Kansas or have temporarily moved to these states, avoid cannabis products. In that case, the company should offer a flexible cancellation and refund policy that ensures you comply with the state’s laws. 

Also, suppose you think you are getting too many items in the weed subscription box and want to try another option. In that case, a cancellation policy will make the change to another weed subscription box easier. 

To sum up, these are some of the things you must check when you opt for smoking subscription boxes. 

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