5 Signs You Need to Visit a Regular Medical Check-Up



Everyone should make time for their health. It’s not an excuse if you have a busy work schedule or you might say: I’m still young and strong. Health is not a guarantee because you might be okay today, but you might develop diseases as you get older. To avoid this, don’t ignore these signs that tell you to visit a medical check up in Singapore regularly. 

1. Sudden Weight Loss or Weight Gain 

If you experience sudden weight gain or loss, there may be some underlying issues you need to check. You may have diabetes, depression, liver diseases, and other serious illnesses. Don’t hesitate to call a doctor for your medical check up when you notice sudden weight changes. 

2. Irregular Bowel Movements 

Humans have to release toxins through defecating or urinating regularly. So, if you notice irregular bowel movements, you must look for a health screening package to have your consultation. This way, they can discover the real cause of your problem. 

3. Suffering from Injury 

Should I see a doctor if it’s just a minor injury? Of course, yes! Luckily, there is a reliable sports injury clinic in Singapore to have your professional consultation. Upon your visit, they can offer you safe and effective treatments to fast track your recovery. 

4. Mental Health Issues 

Fortunately, there is now less stigma around mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Keep in mind that mental health issues are also medical emergencies. It’s better to seek help right away and visit your health check up to monitor your mental state. 

5. Athletes or Fitness Enthusiasts

In Singapore, a sports medicine centre is helpful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are more physically active because they are more prone to injuries or accidents. Physically-active people should include a regular doctor consultation to determine their body conditions. 

Taking care of your health is also a lifetime investment. Have your regular medical check up at Thomson Wellth Clinic, a sports injury clinic in Singapore. So, visit their website to know more about the health screening package.

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