5 Reasons why everyone should wear a face mask


It is not that they are abundant, in fact, they are scarce and are quite necessary for hospitals. Their price has skyrocketed on Amazon and other platforms, some volunteers make them manually and give them to toilets.

Whether to prevent or not to spread the virus to others, the use of masks when leaving home has become essential against the coronavirus. It may seem silly, but Covid-19 is a virus that has already killed 35.5 lakhs in the world, and wearing a UVMask can help you fight the virus at its most.

If you still have doubts, then we explain 5 reasons why you should use face masks.


Coughs and sneezes are the ways in which the virus enters the environment and pollutes the air or different surfaces. Wearing a UVmask can be protective and help stop the spread. If you go on the bus, or to the supermarket and someone sneezes next to you, the mask can help. If you are the one sneezing, you are putting a barrier between yourself and someone else.


Using face masks will help us return to our normal life sooner, according to the experts. Why? Because it protects us from contracting the virus, avoiding direct contact with other people, it helps to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

If everyone took it into consideration, and along with this measure, used others such as washing hands, or maintaining a safe distance when going down the street or in a supermarket, fewer and fewer people would be infected and we would return to normality. faster.


There has been much talk that the coronavirus is not only in people. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that it is not well known how long it survives on objects, but they understand that between a few hours and several days.

In plastic, it survives for up to 72 hours. In stainless steel, it can be up to 48 hours and 24 in cardboard. Therefore, if we go outside and touch an object, it will be better with a mask. At least we will avoid touching our mouths. It is also very important here to wear gloves and wash your hands well when you return home.


This is very important, it is estimated that most of us have been in contact with carriers of the virus, precisely people who have not manifested any symptoms and may not even know they have it. In the same way, you can have it and not have had a cough or fever.

That is, you can have coronavirus and, without knowing it, transmit it to others. In order to protect others, in case you are a silent wearer (an estimated 25% are) wearing a mask would be a good help to society.


It goes without saying that, even if you are not infected, if you are a person at high risk for suffering from respiratory disease, for example, you should wear a mask to prevent contagion. The same happens with those people who are constantly exposed to the virus. Like the workers in a supermarket, the bus or taxi drivers, or the toilets.

Of course, if you have manifested any symptoms such as cough, fever, fatigue, and loss of smell/taste, or have been in contact with someone who is sick, you should always wear a mask when you go to be with other people.

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