5 Hacks to Better Organise Your Storage Space in Singapore


Getting a storage space for rent in Singapore lets me organise my apartment better. At first, I did not know what kind of organisation I should do and struggled to locate items within the unit. Here are a few hacks I learned about storage unit organisation that might also help you.

#1 Use Clear Storage Tubs

Don’t get me wrong. Cardboard boxes can do the job and are less expensive options in the market. However, they can make finding items inside your temporary storage space in Singapore challenging. Before, I had to go through tons of boxes in my storage to locate an item. Having my stuff kept in transparent bins facilitated future storage access. Investing a few additional dollars in plastic containers made it easier and faster to find what I needed.

#2 Labels are a MUST

I have switched all the containers I use in my storage space in Singapore from cardboard boxes to transparent plastic tubs. Nevertheless, I still made it a point to put labels on them. It made locating every specific item I needed a more efficient process.

There are a few ways you can go about creating labels. It can say the general category of a tub’s content to the specific items it holds. Typing or printing your labels or writing them by hand is also common. Some people colour-code all of their labels for even more convenience.

#3 Plan Your Layout

Yes, it was easier to stuff everything inside the rented storage space and call it a day. However, planning a layout for your storage space in Singapore will make organising and locating items more efficient. Ideally, place the furniture on the opposite wall from your boxes, leaving a walkway in the middle. You will have no trouble accessing boxes and furniture items this way. If you need to use the area in the middle, put your most mobile objects there so you can easily remove them.

#4 Store by Category

You might want to store every excess item from your home inside the temporary storage space you rented around Singapore. However, tossing everything inside boxes and containers will make looking for various items counterproductive. Categorise your items and store things you know you will need first. I put the items I need the most access to in the front and the less needed or unwanted items in the back. It made getting my belongings, like holiday decorations or baby items, much more efficient.

#5 Heavy at the Bottom, Light at the Top

The inconsistency in weight can make your containers topple over and ruin your other belongings. I made the mistake of putting a heavier item above a stack. It almost damaged the containers and caused the pile to collapse on itself. Start with heavy and bulky things and boxes while packing your rented storage space in Singapore. Larger pieces of furniture, such as tables and sofas, should be placed on the bottom. These items have more foundation and stability.

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