5 Common Pests in Commercial Spaces


In every business, keeping a clean and safe environment is key. Yet, five common pests often sneak into commercial spaces, making this task harder. Knowing about these unwanted visitors helps you plan effective control measures to protect your space.

Rodents Disrupt Operations and Health

In commercial spaces, rodents like mice and rats are a serious threat. These pests chew through electrical wires and insulation, risking fires. They damage woodwork and anything made of plastic, too.

By harming structures, they threaten safety and operations in these areas.

Cockroach Infestations Threaten Cleanliness Standards

Cockroaches in commercial spaces bring real risks. They hide under fixtures and in closets, seeking warmth. The small brown-banded ones slip indoors with infested items, thriving on unusual food sources like glue or hair.

German cockroaches might cause allergies and asthma due to the pheromones they release. Oriental variants are worse; they spread disease by moving through pipes and drains, touching surfaces everywhere with bacteria-laden bodies. Smoky brown roaches fly toward indoor lights from across the U.S., challenging cleanliness standards further. No space is safe without vigilant pest control efforts against these threats.

Termites Undermine Structural Integrity

Termites eat wood, weakening your place’s frame and walls. They hide in hard-to-see spots, like behind walls. When you find damage or mud tubes that make for moisture, it may be late. They’ve already caused harm.

To keep them out, get yearly checks by experts and fix damp areas fast. Use special treatments on exposed wood to stop them coming in close from the ground up.

Flies Spread Disease in Shared Spaces

Flies, like the house fly, carry and spread diseases in shared spaces due to their close association with humans and animals. They have adapted over millennia to thrive alongside human settlements, particularly where domesticated animals are present. This adaptation includes developing resistance to insecticides.

Pantry Pests Invade Food Storage Areas

In your pantry, you might find pests like moths, ants, and roaches hiding. These bugs prefer dark and damp spots to live in. They harm food by leaving droppings, eggs, or larvae, especially in flour and cereal. To stop them from taking over your storage spaces, keep things dry and well-organized. Use containers that seal tight instead of plastic bags, which hold moisture inside.

Keeping your commercial space free from pests is key. Bugs like ants, rats, cockroaches, flies, and mice often find their way in.

Plateau Pest offers expert help to tackle these unwanted guests using safe methods. Trust us to keep your work area clean and pest-free so you can focus on what matters most: running a successful business without the worry of tiny intruders disrupting your daily operations or harming your reputation.

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