4 Tips for Maintaining Your Gym Equipment in Singapore


Whether creating a home gym for personal use or starting a public fitness centre as a new business venture, one of the first things you’ll need is gym equipment from Singapore. It doesn’t stop at simply obtaining them, either—you need to ensure that your equipment is always in top condition so that anyone who needs to use them can make the most of them. Here are four gym equipment maintenance tips to keep your gym in its best condition.

1. Lease Your Gym Equipment

Before you get any gym equipment, you must first answer the question: should you buy or lease? But in terms of keeping your equipment in top shape, getting gym equipment leasing is the best option. Since any future maintenance support is included in the price when you first lease the equipment, it’s the provider’s responsibility to keep your equipment working well. This method can lessen many of the duties you should have towards your gym.

2. Regularly Inspect Your Equipment

The best way to prevent issues is by regularly inspecting your gym equipment from Singapore. Try to examine all of your equipment at least once a week. Look for loose bolts, broken parts, fraying cables, wobbling seats, and general wear and tear. It’s easier to catch an issue early so that you can fix it before it gets any worse.

3. Clean Your Equipment Thoroughly

Did you know that public gym equipment from Singapore can hold up to 300 times more bacteria than a toilet seat without a proper cleaning routine? Whether your gym is for personal use or a business, cleaning it with antibacterial soap or spray daily is essential. It’s also crucial to schedule a weekly deep clean to keep your gym safe for all users and patrons.

4. Follow Your Equipment’s Maintenance Schedule

Gym equipment service and repair services can also include maintenance checks, especially if you leased them and it’s included in the price. Each type of gym equipment has a maintenance schedule, so try to keep track of all of them to minimise the chances of any future breaks.

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