4 Money-Saving Tips For Buying A New Mattress In Malaysia


No matter how hard you try to prolong its lifespan, your mattress in Malaysia cannot last forever. According to experts, bed cushions can only last 7 to 10 years, depending on their materials, build quality, and the user’s sleeping habits. If you notice that your mattress is getting thinner and you have been waking up sore and sweaty lately, you should consider getting a new cushion for your bed frame.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Mattress?

Many householders feel hesitant to look for and buy a new mattress for sale due to its price. Due to their unique build and functionality, they can cost up to 60,000 Malaysian ringgit. Some models are even more expensive because of their customisable features that accommodate different sleeping habits and concerns.

But despite its expensive price tag, you should buy a new mattress in Malaysia every decade to guarantee a good night’s sleep every day. A new cushion in your bed will keep you from getting sore muscles and aching joints in the morning. It will also prevent excessive sweating that may disturb your nightly rest.

Moreover, new mattresses can also keep you from getting troubled with ailments that come from allergens like dust mites, bacteria, and mould. By replacing your old bed cushion, you are allowing yourself to sleep soundly and stay protected from various illnesses and injuries associated with owning a decades-old mattress in Malaysia.

How To Save Money On A New Mattress In Malaysia

Getting a new mattress in Malaysia costs quite a bit of money. You can buy a secondhand or pre-loved one to lessen your expenses, but doing so can be unhygienic. It can put you and your loved ones at risk of getting sick from exposure to whatever virus, bacteria, allergen, or substance residing in the pre-owned bed cushion.

Instead of getting a used mattress for sale, shop for a new one while following these four simple tips to save money on your purchase:

1. Shop From Online Home Improvement Stores

Believe it or not, furniture and accessories cost less online since digital stores face fewer operating costs. Moreover, you have a better chance of finding the best mattress in Malaysia by shopping online since these virtual establishments often have more options than physical ones.

2. Wait Until The Holiday Season

Numerous mattress brands in Malaysia love putting their products on sale during holidays to attract customers. These seasons are the best times to get bed cushions since you can get them at up to half their original prices.

3. Consider Getting Bundles

Aside from buying a cushion, consider purchasing accessories like a mattress protector or topper to minimise expenses. Doing so will allow you to get these products at bundled prices, which are cheaper than their respective values.

4. Sign Up For Store-Exclusive Programmes

The best mattress providers in Malaysia offer exclusive discounts or vouchers to customers who sign up for their mailing lists or participate in raffles. If your chosen store hosts these programmes, do not think twice about joining them to score marked-down items or other limited promos.

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