4 Biggest Mistakes In Funeral Planning That You Should Avoid


There are millions of funerals taking place each year around the world. With those high numbers, it’s likely that a fraction of it has dealt with plenty of mistakes. It seems like you are bound to make mistakes, even if you’re planning for your death (or your loved one’s).

There are a few planning mistakes that you cannot undo once everything is written in the papers and prepared. Singapore funeral services are costly, so it’s only essential to take things carefully and slowly without rushing. Whether you’re planning for your funeral or your loved one’s, here are one of the biggest funeral planning mistakes you should avoid:

Making vague wishes

The only thing that your loved ones will get from vague wishes is nothing but mere confusion. Even if you are opting for a funeral pre-planning in Singapore, you should make things written or provided in a clear, detailed form. You need to ensure that you communicate your wishes in a particular manner to a funeral director or your loved ones before starting any arrangement.

Waiting until death happens

This mistake is likely to happen within family members who are anticipating the death of their loved ones without planning for any funeral arrangement. While it may seem like there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the last minute, it can add stress and concern for members. Some may even have conflicts and disagreements along the way.

Not making advance payment for a funeral arrangement

The funeral cost in Singapore can change over time. The prices for caskets and other necessities for a funeral may not remain the same, and without paying in advance, you are locking yourself in today’s prices.

Not planning your funeral until your passing

No one wants to discuss their inevitable death. While it rings true, waiting for the last minute of your life can leave a huge burden for your surviving loved ones with a huge cost and a lack of any funeral preparation.

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