10 Tips for a Stunning Portrait Photo


If you’re in the market for a new profile photo, or just want to upgrade your current one, these 10 tips will help you take an amazing portrait picture. From how to position yourself and what to wear, we have everything you need!

1. Get A Friend To Help

Getting the right angle can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to squeeze everyone in your photo into view. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is by getting someone else to take the shot for you. This will allow you to relax and get the perfect pose!

2. Choose A Background That Compliments Your Skin Tone

Consider where you plan on posting your picture before choosing an outfit or setting up your shot. If you have light skin, then choose warm colors like reds and yellows around while dark skin looks great against cool colors such as blues and purples. Just make sure whatever color it is complements your features!

3. Avoid Wearing White Away From Cameras

White is a popular color – and looks great on camera. However, if you don’t have much experience with photography or don’t know how to pose, it’s best to avoid wearing white. It can often lead to a washed-out photo due to the flash reflecting off your skin.

4. Consider Your Reflectors

Whether it’s a full body shot or just your face and shoulders that you’re posting, there are some general rules for lighting as far as where you should place your reflector. If you’re using one that is silver, then it needs to be farther from the camera than any light source such as another person or lamp so that the photo doesn’t get too dark. The same goes for gold reflectors, which should be positioned farther from the camera than silver ones. If you’re looking to bring out your skin color, then it’s best to use white reflectors which are placed closer to the camera.

5. Get A Self-Timer App!

You can’t always have a friend with you every time that you want to take a new photo, so make sure you download a good self-timing app. Whether it’s in the Apple or Android store, there are plenty of options available that will allow you to get a great shot without someone having to be present all the time. The function works by using your phone as an easy way for optimal positioning and remote shutter triggering rather than fumbling around with timers on your actual camera – which isn’t always convenient.

6. Wait For The Right Light

It’s best to avoid taking a photo during harsh sunlight as it can create shadows and uneven lighting on your face. Instead of going outside, consider taking photos indoors by using a lamp which will give you plenty of control over how much light you need in order to get the perfect shot.

7. Watch Out For Red Eye

Red-eye is caused when flash reflects off of blood vessels located near or within the iris; this causes the pupil to become dilated and glow red (and sometimes yellowish) in color, appearing too bright next to its normally dark environment. In order to fix this issue, be sure that you are at least 6 feet from your subject if possible. It’s also a good idea to ask them to look at a light source such as the lamp or a window. You can also have your subject look at something that’s white in color; this will make their eyes appear more natural, rather than having red reflections on their irises.

8. Avoid Taking Too Many Photos

When you’re busy trying to get all the right shots, it can be easy to take way too many and end up with useless images. If you are worried about not getting the shot just right, then don’t hesitate to delete the other photos once they’ve been taken. This will allow you more time and room for experimentation when it comes time to find one that is perfect!

9. Consider Using A Makeup Artist

If you have an event coming up, then a professional makeup artist can be essential especially if you’re going for the most glamorous look possible. A trained and experienced touch can take what might otherwise be an average photo into something that is unforgettable! In addition to helping with your overall appeal, they will also know how to properly pose in order to highlight your best features. It’s important to choose someone who knows about the camera; this way you get the photographer that compliments all of their hard work!

10. Smile From Your Heart – And Everyone Else Will Notice

Yes, it sounds slightly clichéd but there is actually some truth behind this old saying. Your smile really does play a big role in any kind of photos whether it’s a portrait or candid. If you can’t seem to find one that is perfect straight out of the camera, then try giving a genuine smile (or as big as you can make it) before taking another shot. You might be surprised how much more appealing they actually turn out!


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