Your Complete Guide For Installing An AC


You cannot imagine living without air conditioners on sticky summer days. To tackle the humidity relying on ceiling fans is beyond imagination. And if you want your AC to run smoothly, you need to install it properly. An accurate installation will result in perfect cooling, though a minor imperfection at the time of installation can result in unsatisfying cooling. Bad installation also increases the frequency of maintenance issues. We are here to help you at the time of AC installation. Know that you also need to get along with a reliable power company like 4change when you want to get the best deals for electricity rates.

Below is a complete guide that will help you in installing an AC:

Installing A Portable Air Conditioner

Purchase A  Unit To Fit Your Opening

People avoid installing a standard window AC because they face the problem of having a regular window size.

Keep in mind that exit strategy is crucial for portable window units. Before investing in an AC, analyze the vent in your house.

Setup The Window Kit

Figure out what kind of window you have in the house, and then set up the window kit accordingly.

  • Cut a foam strip that is supplied with a window kit to the proper length.
  • Next, you need to join the foam piece with a moving window part.
  • Once the foam placement is done, press the plastic window piece and close the window as tight as possible.
  • For a smooth tight sealing, you need to withdraw the expansion pieces.

Secure The Seal

For the purpose of procuring the vent panel and expansion pieces, many window kits prefer to go the extra mile. These tool kits suggest attaching them into a place with as many as 9 supplied screws or more.

When you are done with setting the window kit, place a foam between the glass and the windowpane so that your room remains protected against air and insects.

Final Setups

Once you are done with the window kit installation, the last step is to install a portable AC. Installing a portable AC involves a certain kind of maintenance, such as unloading the condensed water and calculating the working pattern of the remote control.

Installing A Window Air Conditioner

You can install a window air conditioner with minimal tools. At the time of installation, all you will need is one helping hand to balance the unit in place.

  • Start with setting the bottom of the window air conditioner into the bottom of the window
  • Balance the unit in a way that can help in pulling down and securing the windowpane
  • When your air conditioner is fixed in the window, ensure that the locks are properly placed so the window pane cannot open.

Create A Seal

The final step in the process of installing an air conditioner is to create a seal so that cool air doesn’t escape. You’ll be required to fix the unit to the center so that side vents can be pulled out and nailed into place.

Follow every step carefully to make your AC installation process a successful one. AC installation is beyond a DIY job.


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