Causes Of Container Imbalance



To the beginner of this industry, container imbalance can be very confusing and frustrating. There are so many different types of containers on the market, and they all serve different purposes. Some are meant to transport freight, while others are used to dock barges or cruise liners. Some are used for construction and others for exports and imports. And all of these are important in different ways because of their respective industries.

The main reason why we have such a great supply chain in Asia is that it allows manufacturers and exporters from around the world to quickly and easily reach their markets without having to transport their raw materials by ship. China, in particular, has become a major exporter of almost any good you can think of: automobiles, electronics, clothes, machinery, and just about anything and everything imaginable. And this leads to a lot of competition among Chinese companies to sell to the largest possible number of buyers, which drives up prices for everyone involved in the supply chain. A major part of this process is getting the right container for the shipment. China’s ports have been a major cause of global cargo imbalances due to the huge number of containers coming through their facilities and the inability of Chinese companies to pay the huge fees and charges associated with port loading and other fees.

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