What To Know When Moving Furniture


To spare yourself and individuals around you from accidents and to stop pricey damage to both your valuables and the place you’re leaving, your ideal choice is to work with specialist movers who will come with a plastic dolly along with other proper moving tools.

Nevertheless, if you’ve decided not to utilize the solutions of a moving business however still have a great deal of hefty lifting to do on the day of the relocation, then you just have to purchase or rent out a moving dolly to ensure everything will be running effortlessly on the most exhausting and unforeseeable day of a house relocation.

Appliance dolly

Comparable to the utility dolly in framework and form, the appliance dolly is especially created for moving big, heavy appliances, such as fridges, washers, and stoves. It has strong, nylon straps to secure the appliance in place and rub rails to shield its coating. Some designs also consist of a locking auto-recoil device or a special firm grip for enhanced safety.

The heavy duty, 2-wheel appliance dolly provides the advantage you require to move a big family item. It has a weight capacity of approximately 700 pounds. and conveniently rolls up and down stairs, permitting you to take your appliance to the area where it needs to enter a secure and practical manner.

Tips for using your dolly efficiently

Determine the orientation of your furniture

Decide which side of the furniture item you’ll position in the middle of the moving dolly. As a rule of thumb, high furniture pieces will require to be positioned on their sides– or else, they will have problems clearing the doorways due to their height. If a piece has legs, then it will not sit correctly in an upright posture. For some furniture products, you may require to pull them out while they are mounted inverted onto the 4-wheeler.

Position the furniture carefully

Lower, gradually and carefully, the large furniture piece onto the moving dolly and move it into the center of the 4-wheeler. The furniture piece should wind up well-balanced and completely square on the dolly.

Efficiently load your furniture

Tilt the furniture item and move the moving dolly underneath the item. Keep the dolly in place with yours and your buddy’s foot because the weight of the lots may eject the dolly as it lands on it.

Expert advice

If the furniture item you’re attempting to move is not overly heavy, the much better choice is to boost it slightly into the air and land it straight onto the dolly. Make certain you and your assistant can manage safely the mass of the furniture item.

The only negative aspect of a furniture dolly is that it can not be used on stairs.

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