Three Ways to be a Better Cat Owner in 2021


A new year has dawned, and it’s a good time for resolutions, changes and new projects. If you’re a cat owner, one good one is to find three ways to be a better owner to your cat in the coming year. We’re here with some suggestions.

Learn How to Deal With Everyday Health Issues

If your cat is showing symptoms of illness, then your panic isn’t the most helpful reaction. One way you can learn to be a better owner for your cat is to learn some of the things you can do to help when your pet is suffering from some common health issues. If you recognise the symptoms, you’ll be shocked and be able to react quicker and better to your cat’s diarrhea, lost appetite, or pain.

Many of the most common cat health problems manifest as digestive issues: foraged food, toxins left around the house, parasites, even a change of cat food can cause a bout of diarrhea or vomiting. Fortunately most of the time these problems will pass quickly. To be prepared:

  • Keep enzyme cleaners in the cupboard to clear up the mess and dispel odours – these are as distressing to your cat as they are to you
  • Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water available to keep hydrated
  • Don’t starve them! Going hungry can have serious effects on your cat’s health so tempt their appetite with something easily digestible like boiled chicken or white fish and rice.

If symptoms persist beyond a day or two, or get more serious, it’s time to make an emergency appointment at the vet.

A Healthy Weight

It can be all too easy to overfeed a cat – they won’t stop asking for food when they’re full because in the wild they don’t know when they’ll next get to eat. If you’re not conscious of the dangers of obesity, it can be hard to say no to a cute cat begging for scraps and treats – and the danger gets even worse if your cat wanders the neighbourhood trying to get more food out of other households!

Feline obesity can lead to kidney problems, heart disease, arthritis and many other conditions, so you’re being a much responsible cat owner by caring about your pet’s diet.

Start at the source and make sure you’re feeding your cat a healthy mix of food that’s right for their age group. Check the quantities on the packet and make sure you’re not giving them too much!

If you’ve noticed your cat visiting other houses, call round and make sure the people there know they shouldn’t be feeding your cat. Finally, and especially if your cat is an indoor cat, make sure you’re playing more active games with them – whether that means chasing a ribbon or attacking a paper bag it gives them a workout and helps them stay healthy.

Get Them Microchipped

It’s not currently a legal requirement to get your cat microchipped (as it is with dogs), but it’s still a very good idea and part of being a good owner to your cat.

A microchip can be inserted with minimal discomfort – no more than any other injection, and they are often done at the same time as vaccinations – and will function as a permanent form of identification for your cat. If it gets lost or runs away, a vet can scan the chip and find you on the database of cat owners in the UK, helping reunite you with your cat faster. It’s not uncomfortable like a collar, and can’t be lost or removed by the cat, so as long as you keep your details up to date on the database, that chip will be a constant link between you and your cat.

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