Should you install a stair lift or a home elevator?


Although the home you live in may have been ideal when you first bought it, if you have stayed in the same property for a large part of your life, you may be finding that certain features are no longer suitable.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone – across the UK thousands of adults remain living in the home they grew up in, eventually inheriting the property from their own parents. So, it’s no surprise that over time you may be required to add new features in order to keep enjoying the home you’re in.

Whether it’s down to age or physical disability, there are a multitude of reasons for why you may be looking into improving accessibility around your home – and luckily, there are plenty of ways you can do just that!

But, between the most popular – which is the best way to improve how you get about around your home?

What is a stair lift?

Stair lifts are a hugely popular way of improving accessibility around the home for those who live in a multi-storey property. Conveniently small and compact, stair lifts come in the form of a chair which can be raised and lowered. Stair lifts are attached to the edge of domestic staircases and can be folded away when not in use, allowing full access to the staircase for those who may not require the use of a lift.

What is a home elevator?

A home elevator, also known as a residential lift or through-floor lift is another way to help homeowners move around their home easily, removing the restriction of multiple storeys.

Although home lifts command more space in the home, they are predominantly more aesthetic and can be designed to be as discreet or stand-out as you desire.

Pros & cons of a stair lift

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to fitting a stair lift over a home elevator is the convenience. Stair lifts can effortlessly be fitted to residential staircases without the need to remodel, making them cost-effective and time-effective options.

However, there are also a range of other benefits to fitting a stair lift, including:

  • Suitable for a range of needs i.e. tired or aching joints or broken bones
  • Suitable for all types of homes and staircases, including internal and external and straight curved staircases
  • Discreet – stair lifts can be neatly tucked away when not in use making them a less prominent feature of your home

One con to consider before opting for a stair lift over a home elevator is that they are not typically suitable for more severe medical conditions. For example, if you struggle to be mobile around the home without a wheelchair, you may find a stair lift is not suitable, comfortable or secure enough for your needs.

What else to consider?

  • Generally speaking, stair lifts are rather unattractive, and although they can be folded away when not in use, the fixtures and fittings remain in place all the time


Pros & cons of a home elevator

If you’re considering fitting a home elevator, then you may be wondering whether they are worth the investment. The truth is that home elevators are a very popular option as they are suitable for all, whether you require a wheelchair lift or could simply benefit from additional assistance getting around the home – a home elevator can make a great option.

Some of the most notable pros include:

  • Aesthetic appeal. Home lifts can often be designed to be as discreet as a cupboard, or as a stand-out feature of your home with a multitude of design options available.
  • Great not just for accessibility if you have impaired mobility, but also an effective way of transporting goods from one floor to another.

Perhaps the main con to consider about installing a home elevator is the price, as these are considerably more pricey when compared to a stair lift. However, they can be a crucial part of the home for many so it may well be worth the investment.

What else to consider?

  • Home elevators take a while longer to fit and install and could incur some remodelling of your home

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