Reasons Why Drones Dominate Our Everyday Life


Drones won’t likely take over the world, at least not for another 50 years or so, but they will likely make up a big portion of the world.

First, Amazon envisions eventually being able to deliver packages to your doorstep in the future, and of course, many similar versions of Amazon worldwide will follow.

In the meantime, closer to immediate reality, expect worldwide borders including coastlines to be protected by Drones which fly at a fraction of the cost of cameras on airplanes, expect every Army in the world to track the battlefield in real-time with an Army of Drones, and expect every wildlife and conservation group to use drones to keep track of and manage both domestic and wild animals.

Already, drones such as the Elios 2, which can fly in close, indoor quarters in dangerous and tight quarters such as indoor tanking facilities or pipelines, are available and the cost of Renting Elios 2 drones are a pittance compared to lives lost in HAZMAT situations.

In terms of inspection alone in inspecting ships, inspecting sewers or pipelines, Renting Elios 2 drones can save thousands of dollars, not to mention lives.

Another practical application right now is in farming. Seed planting, crop spraying, and crop maintenance are just a few of the applications that are already used in agriculture.

But there is much more. Here are just a few ways that drones are being used now:

  • #1. Real estate and constructionEveryone is familiar of course, with drone photos to give you aerial photos of a property.

    Similarly, rather than send a person up on the roof, many construction companies use drones to do a thorough inspection of the roof, before actually tackling the job.

  • #2. Emergency Response SituationsIncreasingly, mountain rescue services are using drones in the case of avalanches, and in the case of post-hurricane and floods, emergency services are using drones to inspect the damage.
  • #3. Tracking animalsUsing drones with thermal imagery cameras, both healthy, diseased, and injured wild animals can be tracked, saving the lives of thousands of species of wild animals such as elephants, tigers, bighorn sheep, and antelope.
  • #4. Healthcare deliveryAmazon home delivery by drone may be a dream but in rural areas, both in the United States, but in particular in poor areas such as Africa where roads are treacherous, delivery of medicines by drone to the few doctors available in those regions is becoming an everyday reality.
  • #5. InsuranceInsurance payments require an onsite inspection by a human. But in the case of major disasters where thousands of insured properties are damaged, much of the inspection, particularly roof inspection, can be done ahead of time by using drones.
  • #6. TelecommunicationsThere are thousands of cell towers, and though we like to think of them as silent, stand-alone facilities, they do require a lot of maintenance and inspections.

    Not only is it safer to inspect a cell tower using a drone than send up an inspector, but it is a great deal cheaper.

  • #7. InternetAlthough it’s still in the experimental realm, Facebook experimented with a solar-powered drone to bring the internet to rural populations. Google is also experimenting with drones and Softbank has envisioned high altitude drones that would cover the stratosphere to deliver the internet to millions.

Every year there are new ways that are being invented or envisioned to expand the use of drones, and the fact that they already are quite practical shows that we can expect them to be used throughout the world, and generally, as positive influences.

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