Opening Your Own Museum Of Selfies


Have you been seeing influencers posting selfies with epic backgrounds and receiving tons of likes? They are taking those epic selfies at selfie museums. If you want to capitalize on their selfie-taking, you should consider opening your own museum of selfies.

Why Open A Selfie Museum

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform centered around sharing photos. Creators on Instagram are constantly on the search to take the next viral photo to gain more followers and likes. Selfie museums offer them the chance to take the perfect selfie for their next viral post.

You can capitalize on their needs for epic photos by offering a selfie museum filmed with differently-themed rooms all optimized for the perfect selfie.

Pick a Type of Selfie Museum

There are multiple types of selfie museums for you to decide to open. You can open a museum that features:

  • Lights and projections
  • Backgrounds and props
  • A combination of everything

Once you decide which type of museum you are going to open, you need to decide on what themes your rooms are going to feature. Make sure they are unique and of high quality to draw selfie-takers in.

Find Your Location

Location is key when it comes to first opening your museum. In order to gain traction, you should put your museum in a place that receives a lot of foot traffic so that people take notice of it. You can consider putting your museum in a mall or on a main street of stores that receives a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis

Build Your Museum

Once you have your location, you need to go about building the gallery for your museum. Each room will have to be built to fit the themes you have come up with. You will also need to find suppliers to provide all the props, projections, backgrounds, and lights needed to bring the rooms to life.

Build Your Selfie Museum Website

Your next step is to build your selfie museum website and find a ticketing solution so that you can begin selling tickets online.

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