Bitcoin and Your Options for the Fine Dealing Now


For those who don’t know, XRP gained prominence at the end of last year, when it reached the value of US $ 3.31, a spectacular gain of 51,000% since the beginning of 2017. With this, XRP became the third digital currency with greater market capitalization, according to the market ranking. Are you interested in negotiating? Check out how to buy, sell, send and receive XRP (Ripple) on the Bitcoin Market platform.

If you are not a customer yet

If you do not yet have an account on the Bitcoin Market, the first step to start trading XRP is to register on website. To start trading, it is necessary to have a balance in your account on the Bitcoin Market, that is: you will have to transfer the desired amount from your bank to the platform. With the balance deposited, just place a purchase order to purchase the desired amount of XRP. Remember that on platform, you can now start investing in any cryptocurrency with $ 50.00. Here’s how the Bitcoin Dealers work on them.

If you are already a Bitcoin Market customer

If you are already a customer of the Bitcoin Market, trading XRP (Ripple) has no secret: it is the same process to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin. With the balance on the platform, just fill out a purchase or sales order.

The only novelty in relation to the other currencies offered by the Bitcoin Market is the process to receive or send XRP, which requires the inclusion of two data: the destination address presented as a QR Code and a sequence of letters and numbers and its destination tag.

To send or receive XRP in the Bitcoin Market

If you already have XRP in your wallet and want to send part of that asset to your Bitcoin Market account, you will have to use the destination address presented as a QR Code and your destination tag destination tag. Without this information, it will not be possible to carry out the transfer. Under normal network conditions, XRP transactions are completed within one minute.

Currently, you can receive XRP from anywhere to your Bitcoin Market account, with no fees or minimum amount required. To send to an account outside the Bitcoin Market, however, it is necessary to have a minimum balance of 20 XRP.

This value acts as a minimum fund required by the XRP network called XRP Ledger to carry out transactions in a newly created or activated account. The demand for this value was established by the community that keeps the network running. According to the community, this is a way to prevent the ledger from overgrowing through spam transactions or malicious use.

In practice, it works like this: if you have just created a new XRP wallet of your own, you will have to activate the account by sending an amount equal to or greater than 20 XRP to her address but just this once. Once activated, this account will be able to transact to other accounts on the XRP Ledger without any amount restrictions.

Understand your investor profile

Within the cryptocurrency market, there are generally two basic types of investors. The first one is composed of those people who study the subject in depth and believe in technology. In this way, the investors that make up this group already invest knowing that cryptocurrencies are so revolutionary that they can yield high profits in the long run.

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