How to Install Shower Waterproof Membrane?


When it comes to installing waterproofing membranes, there are two products that rule the market. From the makers of SpecraLOCK grout and a plethora of other market leading tiling products, these shower membranesare called the Hydro ban waterproofing membrane and the Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane

The Hydro Ban and the 9235 are incredibly effective and DIY-worthy shower membranes that offer respite from the backbreaking job of wallpapering shower installations. Quick and easy, they reduce both time and hassles, making waterproofing a weekend job. The membranesif bought with the whole waterproofing system come with a full kit that makes the demanding process of installation easy as pie. 

Therefore, whether it’s a shower, pool or fountain you are thinking of installing your waterproofing membrane in, just grab the Hydro Ban or 9235 from the store and the necessary professional tile installation tools get started. 

Here is how you install this shower waterproof membrane or any product of its kind in the shortest time possible. 


Before you start the installation, you want to make sure that everything is pre-fitted. You want the substrate laid perfectly before you begin the installation. This will do away with all possible surprises along the way. 

Once the foundation is laid, now you want to mix the polymers and then with the help of a trowel start the application. While you do this, it is important to remember that trailing should be done in any one direction, preferably towards yourself if it feels easy. 

Now when that is done, it’s time to slather the back of the pan with it. With the same use of tool and motion, apply a thin layer of the polymer all over the bottom of the pan. You are basically trying to cover the entire surface with the mortar mixture before it meets the base.Once installed, you want to push it down to make sure that all air bubbles have escaped from between.

Installing the Membrane

When sides are sealed and the installation is completed, now you want to start painting the walls and floor with the Hydro Ban or 9235 waterproofing membrane. You want to do this with a wide brush, and while you are at it, you want to make sure that all back of boards, niche, pan, curb assemblyorall of the surface area are well coated with the membrane. Go for all corners, cracks and crevices. You want to install the membrane twice for full coverage. Before long, it will dry into a consistent coat of color. Double coats ensure uniformity of the color. 

Now you can go on with installing the rest of the mortar in the same way as instructed before. 

The Laticrete Hydro Ban waterproofing system comes with pre-sloped shower pans, seats and niches which make installation quick and simple. With a lifetime warranty, Hydro Ban or 9235 waterproofing membranecan make stone installation in wet areas perfectly simple and doable. 

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