A Resurgence for Modern, But Older Games


Modern gaming certainly moves through ebbs and flows for what is popular and what falls by the wayside, often in quick succession as the popular culture in gaming has been moving with content creation and big streamers in recent years. This had been made very clear in the summer of last year – the release of Fall Guys, an elimination styled arcade game, found enormous popularity almost immediately after release, but with streamers losing interest quickly falling to one side as newer games were established. With events such as Twitch Rivals and the growth of esports and many related markets such as betting with many found here at esportsbetting.site, when games become popular, they certainly gain a wider audience and find a renewed success – but which have been the biggest games to pick up a second life?

Among Us – This game was first released back in the middle of 2018 – a very simple game which pits players as a crew but with two traitors among them, whilst the crew complete tasks, the imposters have to pick off the legitimate crew and remain undetected. Whilst it had initially fallen flat, the events of 2020 led many big content creators to find a title they could stream together, and this was one that had been settled on – and the game blew up. Among Us memes and merch were everywhere, and channels had days’ worth of content available, but just as quickly as it was picked up, it was seemingly dropped. The game retains some popularity but has fallen off somewhat since this surge in 2020.

(Image from steam.com)

Rust – A survival game that was released all the way back in 2013 during the big hype around survival battle royale titles – it is now the latest game seeing a huge amount of interest again as the biggest content creators and streamers in the world have set up their own server and have brought the game back to life. This game remains a prime example of the impact that can be had, as a nearly eight-year-old game is now once again more popular than it has ever been.

Minecraft – Whilst a game that never really faded in popularity, it had its highs and its lulls throughout its release history. Once again in 2020, a few big content creators started playing the game and uploading videos, speed runners began to tackle the game too with this increased viewership, and much more content was produced, sparking a new life into the game which still remains now. Minecraft remains the most sold game of all time, but has now also benefitted from the renewed life brought around by the popular figures that seem to be having a huge influence over the popular gaming market.

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