Stay Safe with Fire Sprinkler Systems and the Right Insurance 


A single spark can start a raging fire that can fully engulf an entire structure in a matter of minutes. Fires are responsible for billions of dollars in property damages, and have caused millions of injuries, and claimed thousands of lives each year.

The Contractor

Fire sprinkler contractors design, install, maintain, and repair automated systems to detect smoke or fire. Once detected, the system alerts the fire department that action is needed. Automatic fire suppression systems are universally considered to be the most effective method to control the spread of fire. 

Type of Fire Sprinkler System

The type of fire sprinkler system installed is based on the type of property requiring protection. These systems have three basic parts: the head or nozzle, pipes, and the suppressing agent reservoir. Suppressing agents can be water, liquid chemicals, dry chemicals, or inert gas. Each head or nozzle is activated by a specific method.

Simple Devices

The simplest fire sprinkler devices have a piece of metal that melts when the heat from the fire reaches a certain temperature, opens the head, and allows the suppressant to flow. The more complex systems have sensors that activate the flow of the suppressant. Pipes through which the suppressant flows are connected to the reservoir containing the suppressant.

Legal Requirement

In order to offset the dangers that are associated with fire in commercial settings – schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, movie theaters, etc – fire sprinklers are legally required. The fire suppression system needs to be installed correctly in order to ensure that it will work properly in the event that a fire does occur.

However, despite your best efforts, there’s a chance that an error can occur during installation. Other risks include malfunctioning equipment, property damage, and bodily injury. If any legal suits are filed against you for negligence, you could end up having to pay hefty fees. In order to offset the potential financial burden, it’s important to make sure that you invest in the right type of fire sprinkler contractor insurance coverage. 


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