Know About the Amendments in Trade License in the UAE


When you might need to rename your company in the UAE is tough to forecast. Some businesses might never experience this necessity. On the other hand, after operating a business for a specific amount of time, some companies may need to change their trade name in Dubai for a variety of reasons.

Alteration of Services or Goods

A company’s name may also contain the names of the goods or services it provides. In this case, changing your company’s trade name can be required if you want to sell different kinds of goods or provide different kinds of services.

Changing the Name of a Company

Customers or clients could find it difficult to recall the name of your company. In this case, you could modify your trade name in Dubai to something distinctive and applicable to your company’s operations, as well as understandable and memorable.


If a company name does not accurately convey a brand, it could be necessary to modify it. These days, it is essential for each firm to establish a distinctive online persona, and in certain cases, this may require changing a company’s trade name.

There are numerous more situations where changing a company’s name in the UAE may be necessary.

For instance, if a company’s name is not protected by copyright, you might want to modify it. Even the name of a corporation can need to be changed if it requires complex spelling or rebranding. Whatever the cause, you must submit documentation to change the name on your trade license. The corporate documents mention a corporation by name.

How to change the trade license

Thus, if you wish to change the trade license in the United Arab Emirates, you might need to present the following documents:

  • Memorandum
  • Articles of Association
  • Business License
  • Share registration

Due to the possibility that these documents would need to be amended, many professionals managing commercial transactions will be required to send these documents to a registrar.

During the registration process, a registration authority could even request more paperwork. Even a shareholder resolution with the newly approved name of the company may be requested from you. To modify the name of a trade license in Dubai, a parent firm must provide a Board Resolution that has been notarized and attested.

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