10 Delicious and Must-try Culinary in Solo Surakarta


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Solo, or has been popularly called Surakarta, is a town rich with culture and history, much like Yogyakarta. It adjoins Karanganyar and Boyolali regency from the northwest. Karanganyar, along with Sukoharjo regency from the west and west, also Sukoharjo regency in the south west.

Solo is also famous for its yummy and inexpensive culinary. There are just seven meals and beverages that are called the regional culinary. They can be discovered at Solo Indonesia culinary festival. It’s ensured that your tongue will dance if the flavor in the meals is pumped. Indeed, trying an ordinary cuisine somewhere provides an awareness of its own in each holiday.

This is the list of the finest foods In Solo Surakarta:

Nasi Liwet

Thus, what to consume in Solo? Nasi Liwet. Here is the very famed food which you must try. Nasi Liwet is rice served with a banana leaf and cooked with almond milk. It’s generally for breakfast, however, a few stalls are still available until night.

Timlo Solo

Want to attempt Solo soup? Then get this Timlo. Within the soup, you will find boiled eggs, poultry liver, chicken broth, gizzard, and Solo sausage (grilled egg with beef filling). Timlo is served for lunch or breakfast. The mythical place to obtain that is in Timlo Sastro.

Bakso solo

As its name implies, this bakso number derives from Solo (Surakarta). It’s ready with a company, but tender beef meatballs which are served in meats. The dish is generally accompanied by yellowish or vermicelli noodles and assorted garnishes like fried greens, onions, or fried wontons.

Ayam penyet

This black dish includes bits of fried chicken covered from sambal, a favorite noodle paste. The term penyet in the title of the dish means to push or press, speaking to the preparation process where the poultry is encouraged using a pestle to produce the meat more tender.

Some variations tenderize the chicken following the skillet, at the same time coating it using sambal. Even though it awakens from East Java, ayam penyet is located throughout the nation and is popular in Singapore.

Selat Solo

Selat Solo is the sole food out of Solo accommodated from Western cuisine. It contrasts the Dutch fashion in the colonization age, then fuses it with Javanese taste and style.


Soup made from mutton bone is precisely what can explain Tengkleng Solo. The meal just has little meat from the gut, allowing one to suck it till each recipe is attached to your own tongue.

Sate Buntel

Sate buntel is the satai created from tempe or mutton that is subsequently baked after formerly given spice. It’s typically available in little stalls on the street side. It functioned at the very top of the banana leaf. Try out this one if you would like to taste a different sort of food.

Serabi Notosuman

Are you finding a traditional pancake? Best of the very best in town is Serabi. It’s made from almond milk and rice noodles. Cooked on charcoal flame, Serabi Solo culinary can provide you different odor and flavor. Usually it’s inserted with banana, pineapple, jackfruit, peanut butter, or chocolate cubes as toppings.

Dawet Ice

The refreshing beverage stems from dawet ice. Dawet is jelly made from rice flour made from almond milk. It’s also inserted with palm sugar to make it more sweet. Served in a small bowl cause you need to include and include more.

Cabuk Rambak

Cabuk Rambak is a traditional Solo cuisine that’s extremely tough to locate elsewhere in Indonesia. It’s ordinarily regarded as food or snack eaten between meals due to its small size. A tasty plate of Cabuk Rambak is made up of ketupat (rice packaged inside a diamond-shaped jar of woven palm leaves) drizzled in light brown sauce with roasted pumpkin seeds and coconut milk. Do not be deceived by the very easy appearance, this dish will be sure to be memorable and also leave you looking for more.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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