Why oil and gas companies use finned tubes


Finned tubes are a type of heat exchanger, made up of a series of tubes that have fins attached to the exterior. These fins increase the contact area with the fluid on the outside which strengthens the heat transfer rate.

Finned tubes – be it helical high, HF welded, integrally finned or longitudinal tubes – can transfer heat from hot to cold and are an excellent choice for the oil and gas industry.

4 reasons why finned tubes are popular in the oil and gas industry:

1. Increase heat transfer 

Finned tubes, like the integrally finned heat exchangers, are used to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cooler fluid. The rate of heat transfer depends on:

  • the temperature difference between two fluids
  • the surface area that the fluid is exposed to
  • the heat transfer coefficient between the tube wall and fluids

2. Greater surface area

By increasing the outside surface area, the heat transfer rate is increased. The larger surface area of finned tubes makes them ideal for transferring heat in fluids and gas – reducing the need for extra tubes and effectively minimising equipment size and the cost of projects.

3. Improve heat transfer coefficient

The heat transfer coefficient is an important parameter for all heating and cooling applications within the oil and gas industry. It’s used to determine how well heat is conducted through different mediums and longitudinal finned tubes are renowned for their reliability in gas coolers, fire-rated heaters and tank heaters.

4. Cut to specification

Finned heat exchanger tubes are usually supplied in straight lengths or u-bent, but experienced tube suppliers, like USEL Tubular Division, can customise them to ensure they match your exact industrial specification. If you’re looking to purchase finned tubes for your oil and gas company, simply email your requirements to tubesales@usel.uk.com.

USEL Tubular Division has earned an enviable reputation for delivering top quality heat exchanger tubes over the last 30 years, and pride themselves on quick turnaround times and rapid delivery. They also offer emergency delivery as an additional service to ensure you receive products on time.

For more information about the different types of finned tubes available to oil and gas companies, get in touch with USEL Tubular Division on 0191 587 1777 or email tubesales@usel.uk.com.

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