Why Health Insurance Is the Best Gift This New Year


Christmas and New Year 2020 are just around the corner. This means we will be busy buying presents and exchanging them over the festivities. A lot of people purchase gold coins, sweets, clothes, jewellery, fireworks, and so on. But aren’t these gifts very common?

How about this year you don’t follow the life-long tradition and gift your loved ones something unique? Are you wondering what that ‘something unique’ could be?

A gift should be something valuable and useful. Every year you may be exchanging sweets and new gadgets amongst each other, but nothing is as quite thoughtful as a health insurance plan. Furthermore, with an insurance plan, you are not only securing the present but also the future of your family and friends.

In this article, we will be discussing why health insurance is the best New Year gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

What Is Health Insurance?

A health insurance plan is nothing but a financial coverage that bears medical and surgical expenses incurred by you during unforeseen events.

Medical emergencies can arise at any time, and hence, it is essential to have a health plan handy. With an insurance under your name, the insurance provider will reimburse the medical costs incurred by you due to illness or injury.

The Importance of Health Insurance

Health is the biggest asset in our lives. Hence, we must lead a healthy lifestyle. You can do so by engaging in healthy habits (eating healthy food and exercising daily) that will further help you maintain your health.

However, despite all this, there are times when your health can take an unpredictable turn. Unfortunate events can happen at any time and anywhere. This can take a toll on your finances.

For instance, say a mishap happens that leaves you bed-ridden and financially incapable of managing your family expenses. In such a situation, instead of draining your savings to overcome the lost income, a health insurance plan can come in handy.

Buying online Bajaj health insurance will keep you well-prepared during such consequences. Not only it covers you but also covers the medical needs of all your family members. So, when you gift an insurance to your loved ones this New Year, know that you are safeguarding their future.

Here’s why Health Insurance Is a Must this New Year

Despite the rising air pollution levels in the country, people across India still celebrate New Year by bursting firecrackers. However, because of this, the air around is filled with poisonous gases like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and benzene – which further can cause respiratory problems in people.

People tend to suffer from asthma, lung diseases, and acute coronary events. These diseases are highly common among children and senior citizens. Apart from this, accidents due to firecrackers are also quite common during Christmas and New Year. It results in burns and severe other injuries that require immediate hospitalisation.

Another problem that most people face during Christmas is because of eating a lot of sweets and fried food. We understand that New Year is a festival of sweets and delicacies, which are hard to resist, but one must always control and not risk their health.

Other reasons why you should buy bajaj health insurance as a New Year gift are as follows –

  • High sum assured
  • Can seek extensive coverage for other critical illnesses
  • Add-on cover benefits
  • health insurance tax benefits
  • Cashless facility

Health insurance is one of the most thoughtful and valuable gifts to give someone this Christmas. We must celebrate a safe and healthy festival by making sure our family and friends are fit and secure.

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