Why early morning sex proves best for busy couples


There are only a few things that intend to make getting up in the mornings significantly simpler. Morning timers are there to ensure that you don’t sleep late. Studies have demonstrated that there are, in reality, some tremendous medical advantages to having another sort of exercise in the first part of the day, which is the more erotic kind. Given are the reasons why morning sex is best for busy couples.

It’s a sound type of exercise for busy office goers:

 It is conceivable to get a decent amount of calorie burning while you’re in bed having sex. Research has demonstrated that a single round of sex every morning can consume as much as 200 calories. That is a similar calorie count that you can burn while running for 15 minutes on the treadmill. Furthermore, if you have ever experienced a treadmill previously, you would realize that time can move truly slow while you’re running and languishing on it. But, while having sex, time runs away.

It can help calm you down:

 Studies have demonstrated that engaging in sexual relations and arriving at climax can help you get results like meditation. Sex has so much power to calm you down and prepare you for a busy day. Morning sex is a natural tension reliever. It serves to ease you out before you begin your day truly. It’s an extraordinary method to fight off the stress that accompanies regular day to day activities.

It helps support the immune system in your body:

Morning sex helps you stay fit as it boosts the immunity levels in body. Furthermore, a study backed by proof says that sex helps to enhance your immune system. A few studies have indicated that couples who engage in sexual relations at least once or twice weekly have 30% more significant immuno-globulins in their bodies.

It helps you wake up fresher than caffeine does:

The main benefit of early morning sex is the freshness that comes with it. If you happen to use a coffee maker to freshen you up every morning promptly, you should check the studies that prove sex to be a better option for coffee. With multiple medical advantages, early morning sex is a thing that deserves to be your morning routine. A quick round of sex each morning can give you the same amount of kick to wake you up as caffeine does. Best sex positions will help increase your pulse and wake you up.

Oxytocin is a hormone in the body that causes one to feel confident, relaxed, and calm. It is the reason why you need to feel quiet and comfortable before you start your bustling day. Thus, it may be a smart thought to have a quickie with your loved one.

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