Digital transformation has drastically changed the way businesses operate these days. The term, digital transformation, may sound like a complex process combined with several complex processes; but in general, implementing digital transformation to your business is very simple. Digital transformation can be defined as a methodology in which organizations transform and create new business models and culture with digital technologies.

Organizations all across the world are increasingly trying to provide a superior and seamless experience to their consumers or say digital customers, and thus digital transformation helps you in improving the bottom line of business processes. Digital transformation works as the core element when it comes to planning and strategizing business operations across every other industry. It refers to the application of technology in a strategic framework towards achieving an organization’s desired goals. Here comes the digital transformation consulting into action.

Digital transformation consulting helps organizations in fulfilling their visionary goals and assists them to step into a confident digital future. Nowadays, the proliferation of smart devices and IoT, utilization of retail analytics, advanced knowledge of consumer behavior, the emergence of cloud such advanced technologies are not only providing with new opportunities but are also equally challenging for some businesses. Let’s know more the digital transformation consulting.

What is Digital Transformation Consulting?

Digital transformation consulting can be defined as the consultation given to the organizations or businesses to develop new policies and to check new strategies that benefit the business and results in business growth. These policies and strategies are beneficial for managers, leaders, and stakeholders. With digital disruptors snapping at the heels of many industries and digitization having an enormous impact on organizations, CEOs, and marketing professionals are now taking interest in learning new ways of implementing digital transformation in their businesses. It helps them in increasing innovations and well as provides long-lasting effects on their existing business operational models.

Digital transformation consulting firms provide structured and agile digital transformation consultation which consists of several aspects, such as industry-specific focus, industry expertise, i.e. leveraging in-depth industry knowledge and innovation to come up with appropriate digital transformation, benefit your organization from cumulative expertise, and utilize data as much as you can in the form of data analytics.

What is the need for digital transformation?

As per Smart Insights, 34% of companies have already undergone a digital transformation. According to Gartner reports, by 2020, 25% of customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants like chatbots, up from 2% in 2017 and more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to customer experience by 2020. Looking at these statistics, we can easily concur that digital transformation has now become the basic requirement to survive in this competitive world.

According to the current scenario, enterprises need to evolve to address changing business landscapes. World-known business leaders such as Amazon, Google also want IT to be focussed on business results, innovation and looking towards continuous improvements in providing an amazing customer experience.

Digital transformation is the key to most of your business challenges. It helps you accelerate your business activities, processes, and competencies to leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. Digital business transformation is driven by these factors: consumer behavior and demand, technology innovation, and external environment factors. A Forrester Consulting research study commissioned by Accenture Interactive found that the key drivers of digital transformation are customer satisfaction, profitability and increased speed-to-market.

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How digital transformation consulting help enable innovation in organizations?

When it comes to implementing digital transformation into your business, one size doesn’t fit across all verticals or industries. Since every industry has specific business operations and processes; a digital transformation consultant helps you identify the business objective and right solution to meet their desired goals and develop a strategic framework to ensure timely growth and success. Here is a list of types of solutions that might suit your business requirements:

  • Building or enhancing your digital consumer experience: As per the research performed by Accenture, 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that knows their basic details and purchase history and recommends products based on their preference. Transforming consumer experience digitally gives a competitive advantage to organizations which further helps improve customer satisfaction and boosts lifetime value.
  • Implementing new or improved enterprise process automation: Automating business processes and operations is one of the highly preferred digital transformation solutions. Companies use data analytics to optimize resources and boost the efficiency of the work processes. It streamlines the entire process of filling up the information manually.
  • Designing analytics and insights tools: According to Gartner, more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to customer experience by 2020. Utilizing big data/data analytics to streamline business processes has become one of the most popular digital transformation solutions highly recommended by digital transformation consulting firms. Valuable insights given by data analytics empower businesses to confidently implement new marketing strategies.

A digital transformation consulting firm helps you leverage a wide spectrum of digital technologies to assist companies to improve their services and enhance the consumer experience.

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