What Is The Best Position For Loudspeakers In A Church?


In large buildings like churches and theaters, the correct placement of speakers is crucial. If the loudspeakers get placed wrongly, then even the world’s best speakers may perform the worst. So, before designing any church sound systems, one must get a qualified designer to get the best results out of it.

A design professional helps you to develop a system according to the space of your church room and other facility needs. A professional also confirms that the installation is safe and the system is functioning accurately.

Here are some ideas regarding the correct placement of loudspeakers in a church:-

1.Have A Proper Knowledge About The Room Size

To get the best coverage you must have perfect knowledge about the size of your church’s room. Your main aim is to get good coverage of the area where people sit or stand without directing much sound at the ceilings and the walls. So, spend some time doing a little geometry mentally using the room size and speaker’s coverage pattern.


2.Horizontal Speaker Placement

The main goal of placing an audio system in a church is that everyone can hear clearly. So, to achieve this, you must get maximum coverage on the horizontal plane. If your church has a stage, make sure the loudspeakers get placed at equal distances from either side of the stage. Also, make sure that the speakers are firing straight ahead.

It will be better to mount the loudspeakers on the wall if your church building is box-shaped or T-shaped. It will also prevent people from tripping over cables. While organizing the speakers on the wall, make sure you don’t place them too close to the wall as it will cause the sound waves to bounce off that wall and cause many problems later on.

3.Vertical Speaker Placement

The vertical positioning depends on the layout of the church. The speakers must be pointed towards the sitting area. If the central stage is elevated but the floor is flat, then the speakers must be directed downwards.

If you have a raised stage but a rising floor, the loudspeakers should not have any vertical offset and should be pointing straight forward.

If you fix the speakers on the wall, you might have a bit more flexibility to get the vertical offset to focus on the people present there.

Facts To Be Known

  • Do not add more loudspeakers, thinking it might increase the sound quality. Use a system that gets the frequencies out and loud to the audience with a very minimal number of loudspeakers.
  • You must first assess the acoustics of your church room, as it plays a vital role in determining the balance and clarity of your sound system.
  • Always try to place the loudspeakers in appropriate locations relative to the stage or the reflective surfaces of the room.


Getting the correct position for placing loudspeakers in any large room or building is not an easy task. You will have to face many issues like sound waves bouncing off people and walls, which cause some undesirable low frequencies. You can set up some system EQ to overcome such problems.

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