What is called a poker card with invisible marking?

poker cards with invisible ink markings

Invisible marking playing poker cards are those cards which are produced by the various company and are made on the original card that is made by the card making company without taking their permission as these companies have bought it and the right to do anything with this cards depends upon the person or the company who has bought these cards.

You might be wondering how to mark playing cards you are asking a very frequently asked question as many people have asked this question and the answer still remains the same as there are mainly four methods of marking these cards the main method used regularly and also the first method is called as block out which is a very old and is also still used method to make markings on card.

The second most method used is cut out in which you cut out the edge which has a figure made on it to indicate that it is marked with some number printed on it and different cuttings are made for the different number that is available in the deck.

The third method is tinting and is similar to block out, but instead, you will mark the whole figure which is on the card with a different ink than the card so that you come to know that it is marked cards and also different markings for different numbers.

The fourth and last method used is hieroglyphics in this you will mark the card on the figure that is present on it so that you come to know that this mark represents a number from the deck and you will be told about the different markings which mean a certain number before you opt to use these cards by reading from an instruction paper.

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What are the ways by which you can judge a good marked card?

Here is the list of how you can select a good marked card:-

  • Odour:-

You should always check for any odour which will indicate when your card has been packed either it is before the ink has dried or after it.

  •  Packing:-

If you pack the cards very carefully, this means that there is a less chance of you getting caught.

  • Appearance:-

You should see if your card looks similar to a normal playing card or you will be caught immediately.

  • Card integrity:-

You should look at the condition of the card after you open the pack to see that your card looks like a normal playing card or not.

  • Cleanliness:-

You should make sure that there is no spread ink on the card that will indicate that you are cheating or card is tampered with.

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