What Is a Carpenter and What Do They Do?


When it comes to the construction industry, the term carpenter is a frequently utilized one. This is because carpenters perform an array of tasks in the building and design process that typically requires multiple skills.

These craftsman primarily fabricate wood constructions that may range from full framework or ornate and decorative finishes and built in cabinetry.

Hence, there are some carpenters who specialize in certain aspects of the construction process. Here are common types of carpentry titles.

Rough Carpenters

These skilled craftsman often work outdoors and use blueprints to properly cut wood and create the framework for structures.

They must know how to work with a variety of cutting equipment, measuring tools and installation tools, and carpenters often work on scaffolding to reach higher elevations. In heavily secluded or wooded environments, rough carpenters might actually design sleds to haul in materials.

Finish Carpenters

Finish carpenters typically work more on interior woodwork such as crafting furniture, cabinetry, decorative trim, and often create custom designs of great intricacy for clients.

Some ways they contribute to construction projects also includes fireplace mantles, built-in seating and bookcases, and finishing out window and door casings.

A finish carpenter may have their own sub-specialty within their primary title. For example, those who primarily work on trim for doors, windows and mantels are called trim carpenters.

Those specializing in cabinets are often called cabinetmakers, and they may also fabricate dressers, wardrobes and storage spaces.

What to Look for When Hiring a Carpenter

A solid reputation, referrals and competitive pricing are important when choosing a carpenter for residential or commercial projects. Be sure to verify the company or individuals credentials, and make sure they have adequate insurance and licensing as required by law before signing a contract. If you’re looking for licensed carpenters in Singapore, you can find the best decking companies on Homees.

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