What If Hunter x Hunter Were Set In The Real World?


There are many different ways that Hunter x Hunter could be portrayed in the real world. One way would be to make characters from the show into people from our current time. This would allow for more believable characters and interactions between them, while still maintaining the unique characteristics that each character has. There is also a possibility of making the Hunter Association into a separate country, or even with its own government. If Hunter x Hunter was set in the real world, it might be interesting to explore a couple of different settings. The most obvious change would be that instead of a protagonist going on an adventure with his companions, he’d have to go solo to find leads for his journey. This would give the audience a more intimate insight into what it’s like for Hunters and their prey since they would not have the luxury of other characters around them.

Often times, when manga authors want to explore new settings, they leave their originally-created universe and create one all their own. For example, when an author creates a genre mash-up (i.e. fantasy romance) they’ll often use both of the original genres’ tropes in unique ways in the same new setting.

What would the Hunters be doing in this new world?

The Hunters have always been a mystery. We don’t know what they do, we don’t know why they’re called Hunters, and really, we don’t even know if there are any girls among them. But what if Hunter x Hunter was set in the real world? What if it was about hunting for food, fighting for oil, or trying to make ends meet? This is a thought experiment in the world of Hunter x Hunter with how much the series would change if it were set in our world. Some things would remain largely unchanged- such as adventure, crime, and lost items- but others could change dramatically. For example, instead of being chased by a giant wolf, hunters might be pursuing a criminal or lost item- their job might even change to that of a detective. The ฮันเตอร์  × ฮันเตอร์, who are born with the natural need to hunt, would not be happy in this new world that is full of scientists and technology. They would feel like anything could run them over and they’d have no way to defend themselves. They’ve been fighting monsters their entire lives, so they wouldn’t know what they should do when faced with a human running after their truck in the middle of the street. It would be interesting to see how the characters would react to their new situation. Would they embrace it like Gon does? Would they be angry about it? If a character was forced into this situation, how might that change their interactions with others in the story? Hunter x Hunter is a very popular anime that has a lot to do with the real world. It’s set in Japan, but it’s full of fantasy creatures and magic.

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