What can I gift for Hari Raya?


Ramadan Kareem is just around the corner! It’s that time of the year again where our Muslim friends fast for a month and celebrate Hari Raya at the end of Ramadan. In general, to welcome this holy month, our Muslim friend usually celebrates it by sharing the joy with their family, friends, colleagues, and people in need.

One thing we never forget for Hari Raya is exchanging gifts. It’s tradition to exchange gifts at this festival and is done all around the world. It is essential to select the perfect Hari Raya gifts to show the respect and love you have for the person receiving your gift. Usually, the gifts given to family and friends on Hari Raya are pocket money or cake hampers. But various products such as dinnerware, fruits baskets, flower hampers, beautiful decorations, or handmade gifts can be anti-mainstream alternatives as gifts during Hari Raya. Besides aesthetic consideration, you can also choose hampers based on the uses or benefits.

However, this year Hari Raya seems to be different from previous years. We cannot stay in touch directly with relatives and friends to break the chain of transmission of the coronavirus. What we can do instead is to stay in touch virtually via video call. Also, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts or hampers to loved ones as a form of your attention to them.

Those of you who are still confused and curious about what gift ideas are suitable for your relatives during the Hari Raya festival, immediately check out the following gift ideas!

  1. Cookies

Cookies seem to be one of the most common gifts for the holidays. Moreover, children usually like this. Some of the cookies commonly sold during Hari Raya include peanut butterscotch cookies, red velvet cookies, semperit cookies, and many more.

Apart from cookies, you can provide other types of cake, especially if you know the type of cake your family or friends like. Well, if you usually have to go to a cake shop to buy it directly. Now, you can easily order them online. Various cake shops generally have accepted online orders, both from e-commerce or Instagram. So, you can order your choice and send the gift to your destination address.

  1. Clothing

Eid al-Fitr or Hari Raya is synonymous with white clothes. Yes, the white color symbolizes purity, as Hari Raya is often interpreted as returning to nature or returning to purity. So it is not surprising, at the time of Hari Raya prayer, many people are wearing all white clothes. In fact, each family usually wears matching clothes.

As well as clothing, it’s a good idea to give a shawl or scarf to your female friend or family. Choose a scarf with your friend or family’s favorite color or pattern, or you can also give a scarf with a unique motif.

  1. Package of Cute Masks

Giving a gift of a package of masks of various patterns and color might be another option for you to make a gift because currently, masks have become part of fashion. We will encounter Hari Raya during a pandemic. So, giving masks is also a useful gift for them, if they have to leave the house.

Besides masks, you can also equip them with other protective tools, such as hand sanitizers or essential oils.

  1. Wooden cutlery

Since the pandemic, there have been many suggestions to bring your own cutlery so that recently cutlery as a gift is becoming a hit. There’s nothing wrong with giving a set of cutlery for your family or friends’ as Hari Raya gifts. Nowadays, wooden cutlery is popular and much sought after by the public. Besides being the right choice and food safety, this tableware is also durable and looks exotic when used as a gift.

Many producers sell wooden cutlery online and can be ordered directly to deliver Hari Raya.

  1. Fruits

Are you looking for healthy Hari Raya hampers? Not only used for visiting people who are sick, but fruit hampers with various colors can also be a fresh and healthy alternative hamper for your family or colleagues. These hampers will be more special if there are unique fruits.

Some of popular items you could add to baskets are:

– Almonds

– Dates

– Honey

– Pistachios

– Halwa

– Dates stuffed with almonds

Also, make sure the fruit you choose is fresh, not soggy on one side, and not runny so that it doesn’t rot quickly when packed.

  1. Snack Hampers

There are many choices of snacks and biscuits in various shapes and flavors. It also makes snack hampers more varied and attractive. Choose a snack or biscuit whose taste is often a favorite, such as chocolate and vanilla. For syrup or canned drinks, choose the ones with attractive shapes. But don’t forget to make sure that the food product you are going to provide has a long expiration date. If you are looking for chocolate hampers, you can look at Bishan florist who provides some options. Alternatively, you can go to gift delivery Singapore.

  1. Coffee

For someone who loves coffee, giving them a coffee hamper can be one of the best gifts. However, we also need to make sure whether the friend or relative you are giving the gift to really likes coffee.

Coffee as a gift also needs to consider the packaging model. Coffee packaging for gifts has also become more attractive and varied these days. There are coffee packages that are packed with cute and fashionable designs that are popular for women. There is also a coffee package that is accompanied by a simple greeting as a substitute for a card.

Many coffee shops sell various coffee variants, both in the form of beans, powder, and ready-made coffee with a size of 1 liter. However, it’s good to know their favorite type of coffee so that your gift will be even more special and memorable.

  1. Aromatheraphy diffuser

Currently, diffuser essential oils are on the rise because of their refreshing aroma. Many people use essential oils for various needs, such as beauty, fitness, and health. For those looking for a unique and attractive gift for your loved ones, you can give an aroma diffuser. Even though it sounds strange, the diffuser has properties that are good for the body’s health. If so, why not give an aromatherapy diffuser as a gift? Its small but beautiful shape not only makes this diffuser as an air freshener but also as a decoration. With various options, you can customize it to the recipient’s favorite fragrance and make the gift even more personal. You can also choose a unique bottle design and beautiful packaging. This can make this diffuser an elegant gift.

If you choose to buy snacks or fruit hampers, always make sure that the shop is trusted. First, pay attention to the shop; make sure you buy it in a hygienic and clean place. Second, pay attention to food expiration dates and packaging. Don’t take the low price, but it turns out that the food expired soon.

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