What are the Features to Look for in Your Shared Hosting Plan?


Shared Hosting is usually the first hosting service used by most site owners. It is extremely affordable, does not require any technical expertise, and allows you to get started in no time. While most modern Shared Hosting plans offer great services, they are famous for being the cheapest hosting plans around. However, being cheaper should not mean below-par performance, right? You should get complete value for your money. However, most site owners don’t know what to look for while selecting a hosting plan. Today, we will share some features that you must focus on while choosing a hosting plan on a Shared Server.

  1. The Operating System: Windows or Linux?

If you are a new site owner, then have you ever thought about the operating system on which your website will run efficiently? Usually, most of us use Windows for all our computing needs and are unaware of other operating systems.

Here is a fact: Most websites run on Linux servers!

Surprised? If you are using a CMS to build your website, then Linux is the best option for you. Ensure that you understand the operating system that suits your site and choose the best Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting plan.

  1. Number of websites

If you want to run multiple websites on your hosting plan, then ensure that you choose a web hosting provider that does not restrict the number of websites you can host.

  1. Storage space

This is an important aspect. You need to know how much space you will need to store your site’s data. You also need to factor in the growth of your website over time. Usually, new sites are small in size as there are lesser files and images on the site. However, with time as the site grows, the site data increases too. Hence, you need to choose the storage space accordingly.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is another critical aspect of web hosting. In simple terms, it is the amount of data your website can transfer in a given period. Every time a user visits your website, your bandwidth is utilized. Many providers limit the bandwidth usage that can affect your site’s performance if the bandwidth usage exceeds the limits. Hence, you must look for web hosting services with unmetered bandwidth for a worry-free hosting experience.

  1. Speed

A fast-loading website is crucial in today’s times. Most online users expect a site to load within two-three seconds and abandon it if it takes longer. This can damage your business as well as reputation. While there are many factors contributing to the speed of your website, web hosting plays an important role in ensuring quicker page loads too. Ensure that you look at the average page load speeds offered by the host before buying.

  1. Security

A secure website is the minimal expectation of an online user. An unsecured website can lose business and reputation. When you are looking for a Shared Hosting provider, ensure that you research about the security measures and tools deployed. Also, look for reviews from existing customers of the provider to assess the security of the hosting plans.

  1. Uptime

Regardless of the size of the website, users don’t like a site that is frequently down. Hence, uptime should be one of the topmost criteria while selecting the web hosting services. Ensure that you look for one with a 99%+ uptime assurance.


While other features like good technical support, domain name and email services, etc. are also important, the ones mentioned above are essential for uninterrupted website performance. Keep these factors in mind and choose wisely.

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