Ways to Identify the Best Luxury Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale


According to various reports, the global real estate market managed and operated professionally was estimated to be around USD 8.9 trillion in 2018. This global real estate market is further segmented under different classifications as below:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Vacant Lands

Residential Real Estate is further classified in terms of budget and affordability of the buyers and prices of different properties at various locations. The Luxury Real Estate market is one such segment within the residential real estate market. The luxury real estate market is defined by the type of buyers the market is targeting. Usually, High to Ultra High Net Worth individual buyers are the target buyers of this Luxury Real Estate Market.

Inferring from this definition of the luxury real estate market, it is clear that the market targets a small group of the wealthiest population that is surely growing with time. The two factors which are influencing the growth of this population and the growth of the luxury real estate market include:

  • The increasing purchasing power of people
  • The increasing exposure to the luxury lifestyle because of the technological intervention
  • The increasing supply of luxury real estate due to the growing construction in this segment at some places
  • Somewhat stable real estate prices across the globe in recent times

Luxury Real Estate Agents play an important role in bridging the suppliers and buyers in this luxury real estate market. The year 2020 has played a vital role in everyone’s life, whether positive or negative. However, the year has in no way marred the growth and progression in the luxury real estate market, especially in the US and its various provinces. Scottsdale in Arizona, USA, has always been important in terms of the luxury real estate market. In this growing market, it is important to choose the best Luxury Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale to crack the finest of deals that too hassle-free.

The question that is imperative at this point is “ways to identify the best Luxury Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale.” Here are a few tips which can help you do so in an informed way.

Some tips for identifying the best Luxury Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale while thinking of buying a property:

  • Research at Length: Conduct thorough research about the Real Estate Agents operating in Scottsdale and focusing primarily on the luxury real estate market. This research would be preliminary secondary research.
  • Prepare a list of all the luxury real estate agents operating in Scottsdale.
  • Make a priority list of the luxury real estate agents according to your convenience in terms of choice of place/s you would wish to invest, type of property you would like to invest in (condominiums, flats, or villas), and others.
  • Conduct focused research on the real estate agents listed in your priority list: The luxury real estate market is a comparative niche market that can be easily tracked and assessed. However, information about all the deals and ways such deals are conducted might not be available easily. Therefore, checking the market image, testimonials, references, and personal experiences of the customers about the luxury real estate agents in Scottsdale would be a safe way to assess the real estate agents.
  • Finalize and talk to them at length: After finalizing on the preferred luxury real estate agents, get into a detailed discussion to make them understand your requirements, preferences, and desires. Assess the agents on their receptiveness to your requirements and desires.
  • Choose the best luxury real estate agent in Scottsdale who perfectly understands your requirements and finally move towards buying your dream property.

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