Using Online Services for Healthcare During Covid


The Internet has been with us for a few decades already, with online shopping and distance learning, yet during the global pandemic, the World Wide Web offers virtual healthcare services from remotely local medical professionals. Here are a few ways that online services are used in the healthcare sector.

  • Virtual Medical Examinations – When a person feels unwell for any reason, they naturally make an appointment to see their family doctor, who would ask a few questions and take a look at the problem area. This is often enough for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe medication and many GPs are now offering virtual appointments, which eliminates human contact. Even during the lockdown, new medical equipment is still being installed, thanks to final mile delivery from Rhenus High Tech, a leading UK white glove logistics company. Much of this equipment can be utilised in a virtual way and with specialised handling and maintenance, these costly items of equipment are vital for providing top healthcare.
  • Mental Health Counselling – There is no need to visit your counsellor, as a Zoom call allows the necessary interaction between counsellor and patient. Many people have been made redundant because of Covid-19, which can be very stressful and talking to a trained counsellor can really help, as you no longer feel you are alone. If you need someone to talk to, a Google search will help to locate a trained counsellor that offers online services.
  • Remote Caregiving – In the case of an elderly person who lives alone and is still independent and mobile, a Zoom call with their caregiver is all that is required. This enables the caregiver to establish that all is well and should the person have any issues, the carer can arrange to pay a visit. This is ideal for those who live in remote areas and the caregiver can handle more work, as they are no longer travelling to see their patients, thanks to applications such as Zoom. Many people remain physically independent throughout their life, as this article outlines.
  • Virtual Fitness Classes – Most gyms now operate virtual classes, so your exercise regime does not have to be impacted by the lockdown and if you search online, you will find a local fitness centre that you can book online classes. You might prefer yoga or Pilates, and both offer virtual courses, which are cheaper than regular programs. You also get that much-needed social contact from enrolling in such a class, as you can interact with everyone, including the instructor. If you would prefer a virtual person trainer for some one-on-one interaction, many gyms offer virtual personal trainer course, which are tailored to suit the client.

We are all hoping that the New Year will see the end of the pandemic and we can all get back to normal, but until that time, we can make good use of online healthcare services. This leaves the hospitals free to treat Covid sufferers, who obviously should take prority.

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