Use of the Best Sex Toys in Every Possible Ways


The market for sex toys has exploded in recent years worldwide. Especially since the publication of the bestseller 50 shades of Gray. So, to make sure you have a good time with your favorite vibrating duck, don’t forget to follow our three golden rules. So go for how to use sex toys.

How to use: how to use a sex toy

The publication of the erotic bestseller “50 shades of Gray” would not have had the only effect of tantalizing nearly 40 million readers (and readers).

  • According to an investigation by the American daily The Washington Post , which is based on data from the Consumer Protection Commission, the number of emergency room visits caused by a sex toy has increased significantly since 2012 and 2013, when the trilogy was published sado-masochist.
  • The newspaper specifies that in 83% of the cases, the health personnel proceeded to “remove a foreign body”. You can erase any zany image of a girl lying on a hospital bed: in 58% of cases, it was a man. His average age: 44 years old.
  • If you want to avoid ending up in the same situation and enjoy your sex toy safely, you will need to follow a few golden rules.

Impeccable hygiene you will have

The sex toys are cleaned with soap and rinsed with water. Some models are sold with antiseptics, which you can also get in pharmacies. You will understand, the main thing is to wash it well after each use. And no way that it hangs under the bed with the dog’s hair, protect it properly before putting it in the drawer of your bedside table.

The limits you will not force

There are dozens of different models of Sex toys. Take the time to choose the one that will best suit your body type and your desires. No need to do forcing, as we repeat: “bigger” does not necessarily mean “more fun”. And to be even more peaceful, choose phthalath-free silicone models.

A moment of relaxation you will choose

The bath, the bed, the sofa, the hammock, all the places are good to offer a solitary pleasure as long as you feel comfortable. One watchword for this moment: relaxation. And if despite the music, the dim light and the candles, you feel the need, do not hesitate to use a lubricating gel with water.

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