Top 3 Best Poker Players That Ever Lived


It’s difficult to pinpoint with absolute certainty to the best poker players, just like the best players in online casino Australia real money, but we will try. The following article will provide some of the top poker artists.

Doyle Brunson

He was a rising basketball star in his youth but an injury ended his career. During the early Texas days of poker, where most of the games were organized by crime syndicates, Doyle got mugged on several occasions and even claims being a witness to a poker-related murder. He won 10 WSOP bracelets and a World Poker Tour in 2004. He also wrote the first thorough book about poker, the Super/System. He has been present since the beginning poker days to the online days.


Maybe among the best talents that the game saw, Ungar, unfortunately, had a cocaine problem which ultimately cost him his life in 1998. He started playing at the end of the 70s and quickly learned the trade, amazing such players as Brunson. In 1980, he became the youngest WSOP Main Event winner which earned him the famous: “The Kid”. He is the only player with at least three WSOP and Superbowl of Poker Main Event. Additionally, he earned over $30 million in total but due to his drug addiction and personal issues, he was constantly getting broke or rich. Prior to his death, Ungar lent $10,000 for the WSOP Main Event and won the tournament leaving 312 players behind him. Unfortunately, his cocaine addiction prevented him from fully reaching up to his potential. It can merely be speculated what this talented person could have accomplished.

Chip Reese

One of the highly respected players during recent history and an interesting person. Whilst going to the University, Chip stopped by Las Vegas for a fun poker game. He had $400 and won thousands during the weekend and never went back to the University. He learned to play with his mother and also played a lot during college. Chip was never a fan of the tours but he still took three WSOP bracelets and one of those was a combination of five poker types and to win this tournament is considered as extremely difficult. Brunson asked Reese to write a chapter of his book Super/System about the seven-card stud and Chip became the youngest member admitted to the poker hall of fame. He was40 years old.

These are just some of the players that are considered to be among the best but there are a lot more. Share your favourite players with us in the comments section!

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