A one-hour massage by a therapist often ends too early. But even if massage doesn’t cure all illnesses, you can be well prepared in advance to maximize your experience and all its benefits. One of the best aspects of getting a massage is that everything you have to do is sit and relax. Many people think that getting a massage is just a luxury. It is not true to do anything to pamper yourself on special occasions, regular massages also improve our overall health. 


1) Shower tips 

 Many clients allow them to take a shower immediately after a massage, mainly to wash away the oil. This is a big mistake. Essential oils are only warmed by massage and take an additional hour to be absorbed by the skin cells. After a long and relaxing massage, you will want to take a sultry bath. This is another bad idea. If you are suffering from a muscle injury, hot water only exacerbates the inflammation. Use cold water to relieve pain. Take a shower with warm water, as hot water is  just the right temperature to relax your body without straining your muscles

 2) Tips on what to eat and drink before the massage 

 Avoid solid foods before the massage. A solid diet stays in the stomach for a long time and causes a feeling of fullness. It is better to follow a liquid diet because they are digested faster and you feel lighter. Avoid eating 2 hours before the massage. Even liquids are completely absorbed in 75120 minutes. Do not consume alcohol or caffeine. Alcohol is a liquid, but it overstimulates the body and impairs the effectiveness of the massage. Herbal tea is better than coffee. This is because caffeine can strain your muscles, even if taken after a massage. 

 3) Consultation with the therapist.

 Communicate with the massage therapist 

 Before the session, please provide accurate health information at swedishmarket, and let the masseur know your expectations and reasons for the massage. Therapists can use oils, lotions, or powders to reduce skin friction. If you are allergic to oils, lotions or powders, let your massage therapist know who can choose an alternative. Some massage therapists play music recorded during a massage session. Others find the music distracting. If so, let the massage therapist know if you have a musical taste or if you prefer to turn off the music. 

 4) Tips for relaxation and comfort 

 Take off only as much clothing as you can comfortably take off. If you do not want to take off your clothes, wear comfortable clothes during the massage so that the masseuse can touch and move any part of the body that may require massage. Relax your muscles and your heart. The tension caused by straining and hardening the muscles during the massage is counterproductive. Let your massage therapist know that this is happening.

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