Three Extremely Common Ways to Protect Your Canine Friend From Heartworms


Many pet parents are conscious that their dogs may be vulnerable to heartworms, but many people are not aware of exactly what heartworms are, the complications they cause, and the best ways to avoid them. Preventing heartworms is easier, safer and much more affordable than managing a disease that has progressed in your pet’s body.

Reduce Exposure To Mosquitoes

Although you may be able to minimize the danger by holding your pet indoors late in the afternoon and evening, we all know that avoiding mosquito bites is not entirely feasible. Spraying the backyard and eliminating stagnant water will help, but it will not totally remove the risk.

Regular Testing

Before you get a heartworm prevention treatment for your dog, it’s crucial to make sure it’s heartworm-free to start with.

Your dog needs to be checked at least once a year. Testing is an easy and fast procedure that involves a small blood sample and can be performed at the time of your dog’s annual health appointment.

By taking the time to engage in preventive heartworm treatment, you will have the comfort of knowing your dog would have a better chance of living a good life, away from heartworm disease. Speak to the veterinarian about the right choices for you and your dogs.

Preventative Heartworm Medicine

Your vet will supply you with a protective drug to deter and kill heartworm larvae if it ends up infecting your pet. There are a variety of different forms of this medication. You will want to select a monthly topical treatment that comes in a tube which is intended to be pressed to the back of your pet. You may also choose an injection treatment that lasts 6 months at a time. Or you may like to use an oral tablet, which is to be taken monthly.

In Conclusion

It’s necessary to keep in mind that heartworm disease is preventable! Visit your veterinarian for an effective preventive regimen for your puppy. Please pay special attention to your vet’s advice about the prevention of heartworms  as your canine’s life depend on it.

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