The Ten Most Popular Gifts Of The Year


With all of the coveted gifts on everyone’s list it is difficult to narrow it down to the most popular. There were some stand out favorites that seem to make almost every list finding its way under the tree. Covering the top ten popular choices of the year challenges you to check your list against the best.

Apple AirPods

This brand of wireless earbuds are seen just about everywhere. These earbuds are easy to use with Apple products, contain excellent sound quality, and a charging case that ensures whatever music or video media you are enjoying will be taken to the next level.

Weighted/Gravity Blanket

Who doesn’t want to de-stress, relax, in the comfort of a good blanket. Weighted blankets have become the rage and are a unique Christmas gift providing a state of comfort and calm. Though there are many choices of weighted blankets available the most requested is the Gravity Blanket.

Air Fryer

What airflow and temperature can accomplish for texture and taste of food is incredible when it comes to cooking. The Philips Air Fryer XXL does the job at almost any capacity. From fries to dessert what comes out is extra crispy and delicious while making cooking so easy. No wonder it is a request for most families.

Instant Pot

Staying in the kitchen another runaway request is the Instant Pot for busy households where meals and time are premium. You can put almost anything in there recipe wise and the result can be nutritious, healthy and delicious without the need for huge prep time.


Tackling carpet and floors is necessary and with this next gift no longer will the dirt, stain, spills, and debris have the upper hand. Lets go robotic with many models, and brands out there but an affordable yet effective one is Eufy Robovac. It handles large areas, hard to reach nooks and crannies under tables and sofas with ease.

Nintendo Switch

Gaming and video technology hit a new high when it came to the latest and greatest (to date) popular item on the gift list the Nintendo Switch. This latest system from Nintendo claimed to be like no other and seems to fit the bill. It provides a complete experience for every gamer which can be played in many modes at home or taken on the go interactively.

Ancestry DNA

This next gift is the most personal of them all. Ancestry DNA traces heritage and the family tree offering a test that after taken informs and can surprise you as to ethnic descent. This can be yours or given to a family member as a great gift for family discussion and knowledge.


Streaming media content from television programs to movies and everything in between the Roku Ultra brings it all. Whether wanting to go down memory lane to some old classics or hits of today it is cost effective and comes easy to install and enjoy.


When concentration and immersive viewing or audio is the goal then bet on Sony to achieve awesome audio quality gained from Sony Noise Cancelling headphones. They are the best at achieving great audio experience while blocking out all distraction noise.


Working, shopping, family responsibility all can take a toll on mind and body. It is no surprise that on that gift list is a relaxation tool known as InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser. It is a unique Christmas gift in its purpose of providing a relaxing and stress free experience. With aromatherapy mixed with light changing capabilities it is truly a wonderful sensory experience.

The gift list above is diverse and any or all of them would be worth it.

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