The European Bets And Your Choices Now


The European sports bet in such a case will always have a higher coefficient, so the choice is yours to take risks or play it safe. Some bookmakers, like William Hill, have no Asian handicap at all. So do not be too lazy to spend some time studying what bet means what and what bookmaker offers what, in order to avoid losing out of ignorance.

Each 먹튀검증 bookmaker upon registration offers to familiarize themselves with their game rules. The set of rules is available later in the relevant sections. If you have any difficulties with choosing a bet, you can ask us a question in the review of the corresponding office or in the comments to this article.

In addition, some offices use a whole heap of incomprehensible at first glance abbreviations. ITB, N or P2, T2T> T1T, P1F0 – at first glance it is difficult, but over time you will figure it out. And you need to do this before you place a similar bet.

Is your goal a feeling of excitement or purely profit?

After you familiarize yourself with the mechanism of playing a bookmaker and the main types of bets, you must decide for yourself: what do you want from bets? There are two main types of players: connoisseurs of a sense of excitement (recreational players) and professionals.

The first variety of players is different in that it is important for them not to make a profit (although who doesn’t like to win, much less money?), But to get excitement from the game. When your money is playing, it’s as if you are playing it yourself: your thoughts are playing, your calculation, your insight, your luck. This feeling of complicity is very strong. The purpose of such a bet is not to win money, but to get more thrills from watching a sporting event or just having fun. I personally know a few tricks that bet against your favorite team in order to be in any case. If their team wins, then the fate of the bet doesn’t matter to them; if they lose, they, roughly speaking, have something to “fill the sorrow”.

Adrenaline is what many bet for the sake of (on the image, its formula)

With professionals, for whom pure profit is important, it is much more difficult, and for them it would be a separate, much larger list of tips, full of incomprehensible abbreviations and terms. The professional game of the bookmaker is becoming more complicated every year, because most bookmakers improve their methods of dealing with professionals. Some offices welcome such players , but there are not many such offices and they have a different way of earning. A professional game has nothing to do with the game for the sake of excitement. This is hard work, which requires a lot of special knowledge, mathematical abilities and software tools. And it happens in special offices and on betting exchanges.


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