The best way of reading the marked cards


Do you know how to read the marked cards easily?

It is a common question if you are thinking about playing poker. You must also be curious about knowing the answer for the same. First of all, it is essential for you to understand what is meant by marked cards.

Defining marked cards

The marked cards are known as poker playing cards comprise of invisible ink marks back or either both sides. Let’s first discuss the marked cards with invisible ink on the back side. Such cards are highly used in poker games played in casinos, home, or poker rooms. Moreover, these cards are also excellent for showing magic. They look similar to the normal original playing cards that don’t have any kind of marks or hint.

Cheating and Marked Cards: The Gamblers' Crimp

Reading the marked cards

The luminous marked cards always have some kind of different marks present on the back. Basically, these marks are invisible to naked eyes. Different types of filters are required for reading these special juice marks. Either UV or IR filters are used into the contact glasses or lenses for reading the luminous marked cards. These cards increase the excitement level of the players. If someone is using a strong infrared filter, he will be able to read strong infrared ink marked cards with the assistance of a TV, computer, or phone.

To win the poker game, you need an excellent strategy to use these infrared contact lenses and marked cards. After knowing all the marked cards, it becomes easy for you to play poker and win the bets. By reading these cards, people can win the game of playing cards having invisible ink, and you just need contact lenses for reading the luminous marked cards.


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