The best Methods for the Perfect Site Betting


The Martingale method attracts many gamblers for its ease as well as its promises of easy win. Is it really possible to have an easy betting method? To understand how it works, here is a practical example:

Martingale Method in Casinos

Imagine you are in Las Vegas playing roulette and you like to bet that the red number will fall. Therefore, whenever a red number falls you win the value of your bet, if you drop any black number or zero. You lose the value of your bet. There comes the now. Below we will talk about the aforementioned easy bet method to make money. The idea is this:

  • If you make a mistake, you double the amount wagered next time.
  • If you hit your bet, you keep the stake next time.

Simple, isn’t it true? An example will make everything clearer:

On your first spin on roulette, you bet $ 1 which will drop a red number. And this first time, you get it right. Get out number 3. Wonderful, you have earned another $ 1 for your pocket. The next bet you repeat the $ 1 bet. After all you won the previous one, and to your bad luck come the number 35, black. So now you need to double your next bet, again bet on the red numbers the value of $ 2. Unfortunately it comes out number 22, another black number. The next bet also needs to be doubled, so we bet $ 4. Now yes, number 19. And we won $ 4 for hitting that bet.

So, look how it went:

  • 1st Bet: We win $ 1
  • 2nd Bet: We lost $ 1
  • 3rd Bet: We lost $ 2
  • 4th Bet: We won $ 4

See that from the second bet, when we lost the first one, the idea of doubling the bet is to be able to recover our bank and still win $ 1 more. What we got by doubling our bet twice by betting $ 4. Therefore, see that it is a widespread technique in casinos and does not require complicated mathematical rules. It is a way to evolve to other techniques.

Here are some features of this method:

  • It is a linear strategy.
  • Make a bet. If you lose, bet double and so on until you win.
  • As such, you will have recovered your bets and will profit.
  • Start over and play again with your base bet.
  • It is a slow method.
  • But it is not a foolproof method and it can end your bankroll if a wave of bad luck comes.


Using this method, the ideal is to limit your initial bet in proportion to your bankroll. The first bet should never exceed 10% of your bankroll ideally between 1% and 5%.


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