The Age of Smart Beauty Products!


There are uncountable technologies all over the world being developed every day. Advancement in technology is affecting every industry from the obvious such as automotive to the not so obvious beauty. The beauty industry is evolving every day as people want to look more youthful. 

In this article, we will look at the way in which make-up products may develop in the future. Inspiring this piece is 1HQ who have developed a digital lipstick that has multiple features whilst also taking into consideration the importance of sustainability and personal choice – two topics we believe will be of key importance as we move into the future. Here we are looking at each topic in further detail:

  • Sustainability

Current lipsticks tend to break or dry out, therefore, enter digital lipstick. Digital lipstick needs to be reusable, to help reduce the amount of plastic it contributes to the environment. 

This could take the form of a lipstick applicator with inkjet printing technology so one can create their gradients, fades, and patterns, and even save their favourite looks. 

Packaging of traditional lipsticks is also a threat to the environment as it is discarded after a single-use, however in the future a lipstick applicator should also be reuseable resulting in reduced waste and revolutionising the eco-credentials of this presently single-use product. 

  • Colour changing technology

Digital lipstick should have inkjet technology which may be used to create colour-changing effects using piezoelectric “Drop on Demand” (DOD) technology. The lipstick applicator could unleash its formulation through small nozzles and proximity sensors to print a bespoke variety of colours that complement your skin tone or shades that are the perfect colour matches of your favourite outfits. 

  • Customized scents and tastes

Another important feature of a lipstick is the scents and tastes. There is already a 3D olfactory printer available that might be used to produce new scent molecules. This may enable the technology engineer to develop 3D printed scents and tastes for lipstick, which would allow for further personalisation options.

  • All-in-one lip care

Digital lipsticks that are coming in the future won’t just give you flawless colours, it will also offer several preparatory benefits. You will be able to moisturize your lips with an enzymatic gel scrub feature and to prevent feathering or you could switch to primer to fill in natural skin crevasses.

  • No need to touch-ups

One major issue with lipstick at the moment is the need to continuously touch up. The development of self-regenerating materials is presently ongoing and this technology may be applied to makeup. This would allow your lip gloss to remain the same all day!

As you can imagine this would revolutionise the beauty industry or more specifically makeup products allowing for a sustainable product that offers amazing personalisation options.

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