Some tips on how to tackle Remoteliness


The main reasons why people feel lonely include:

  • No social support
  • Negligence of mental and physical health
  • Negative personal relationships
  • Difficult balancing daily tasks

What is remoteliness?

It is a state when someone feels lonely and abandoned and this has become more prevalent during social distancing and ongoing pandemic. Some internet monitoring software can be used to check on the remote employees.

Tips to tackle this problem:

  1. Make a daily life routine

If you want to work from home a routine should be set up. A lunch break reminder should be set up.

A routine or a chart for daily life activities will keep you motivated and be hyperactive.

Tracking software and employee monitoring software such as Work Examiner should be used to get a better knowledge of how employees utilize their time.

  1. Work it out

Doing group activities via conferencing apps is also on way to stay motivated and active.

If a person is struggling to maintain consistency in exercising involve yourself in an activity that helps in compound movement.

Make exercise part of your routine daily.

  1. Wise use of freedom

One of the advantages of remote working is that the area is comfortable and you can work with flexible hours. Don’t get carried away by the freedom given.

  1. Stay in touch

When working in the comfort of your home a connection between your fellow employees should be maintained.

Get in touch with fellow subordinates via calls and conferencing apps to create a link and bond.

Communication can create an enjoyable experience and that is a hassle-free environment.

  1. Stay creative

Be creative and learn new instruments, languages to brush up your creative skills. Do daily activities like taking care of your plants? Work on your hobbies, read books. These activities are the perfect way to lower the remoteness and be active.

  1. Online community joining

Nowadays there is an online community for basically any topic. Reddit and Quora and many other applications are available to join. In these communities’ topics are discussed, queries can be answered or done. This is the best way to raise morale and is a solution to remoteliness.

  1. Team-building activities organization

Many activities can help in team building it doesn’t matter if you are working from home or not.

There are numerous activities that teams can go into:

Online yoga class and Weekly trivia quiz

  1. Obtaining a pet

If working from home is leading to loneliness a pet is the best alternative to get some company. A dog especially is the best companion. Just interacting with them and playing with them can lead to combating loneliness.

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