Sexual harassment in Austin: Consult an employment discrimination lawyer


Employers are responsible for offering a safe working environment to employees. Unfortunately, sexual harassment cases are on the rise in Texas, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that considerable number of such incidents are not reported. Employees often fear the stigma and consequences related to a sexual harassment case. If you have been sexually harassed at work, this is a clear form of discrimination and should be taken seriously. Talking to an Austin employment discrimination lawyer can help in such circumstances. In this post, we are sharing more on things that victims must know. 

What constitutes sexual harassment?

Any form of harassment that’s sexual in nature, including verbal harassment, constitutes sexual harassment. A one-off incident, where someone passed a comment or teased you, may not qualify as sexual harassment. To count as sexual harassment, the situation must be so severe that it can creates an unexpected hostile environment at work, or impacts an employee directly. For example, if a supervisor asked for sexual favors, denial of which led to your promotion getting cancelled, this is a clear case of sexual harassment. 

What to do if you are facing sexual harassment?

  1. Firstly, let the harasser know that their behavior is not welcome, and you are feeling uncomfortable. 
  2. If that doesn’t stop the person, consider documenting incidents and report the incident to your HR department. Employers usually have a set of protocols that are to be followed when a sexual harassment complaint is received. 
  3. Gather evidence. For instance, if you are getting messages and emails from the harasser, this will count as evidence. 

Consulting an attorney

When it comes to sexual harassment in Texas, you must meet an employment discrimination lawyer to know the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Your lawyer will guide on the legal options, and how you can proceed with the case ahead. There is limited time to file a sexual harassment claim, so you shouldn’t wait for long. Make sure that the attorney you hire is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law. Your lawyer will also advice on whether you should proceed with the case, and what you can expect in terms of compensation. In case of sexual harassment, a lawyer can recover both compensatory and punitive damages, depending on the facts of the case. 

Don’t delay in calling an employment discrimination attorney after you have faced sexual harassment. They can help you gather evidence to bolster your case.

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