Security Guard Course – What You Can Expect To Learn


When you want to become a security guard there are many steps that must be followed in order to become certified and obtain a certificate for this very unique type of career. One of the first steps of any security guard course is, it should always be accredited. Online you will find many different security guard training courses but none of them will ever be accredited and so your online certification would never be official. Security guard training courses online should always be accredited.

Security guards are not allowed to carry their personal weapons while on duty. It is up to the security officer to determine if a security guard should carry a weapon at all times. Security guards are not permitted to place their personal possessions in their vehicle while on duty as well. This is what makes the job so special.

One of the very first things that you will learn in a security guard course will be firearms laws. Your local security agency will be able to provide you with the exact regulations that you need to follow. If you live in a populated area, your security officers will be required to undergo extensive criminal background checks. Security guards are considered part of the public and are granted certain public rights. You will need to understand those rights when you are attending Security Guard School.

There are specific types of licenses that security guards are required to have. Security guards are required to have a state regulated license. Security guards who have this license can work in the state that they are licensed to and they can work for private individuals or privately owned companies in the state that they are licensed to. Security guards are not allowed to carry their personal weapon at all times when on duty. This includes carrying a personal gun in the car. There are certain types of ammunition that security guards are also not allowed to use during their work hours.

During a security guard course you will learn about emergency procedures as well as emergency first aid techniques. In some cases, when a security guard is faced with a dangerous situation they may have to make decisions that are quick and take control of the situation. First aid is an important skill that you will learn while taking a security guard course. In the event that a security guard is injured during an arrest they must be able to quickly deal with the injury. First aid is a skill that will become second nature to most security guards. If you have been trained in first aid then you will probably have no problem when you are in a dangerous situation.

As a security guard you will also learn about crime scene activities. Crime scenes are usually very volatile and Security guards are called in to secure properties that have been vandalized or were involved in violent crimes. In the event that a crime scene is active security guards must be able to effectively deal with the situation. If a criminal is barricaded from exits and/or the property is being cleaned by the police, then security guards must be able to contain the individual and make sure that everyone is safe. In some states it is required that security guards undergo a criminal justice background check.

It is possible for you to receive training in a number of different areas. The most common courses offered are classroom training and on-the-job training. Most security guards will begin their training by receiving on-the-job training. This will usually occur when they reach the age of eighteen but can occur as soon as the Security Guard Certificate course is completed. In order to keep your certificate current security guards must complete re-training every two years.

Security guards are in high demand today and many employers are looking to employ security guards. For this reason it can be difficult to find employment. For those that are fortunate enough to work for an employer that is dedicated to providing security training they are in good company. In fact, it is common these days to see security guards protecting banks, businesses and homes. There are also courses available for private individuals who would like to become security guards. A career as a security guard is one that is very rewarding and in high demand.

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