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The most popular form of poker at the moment is No Limit Texas Hold’em. This game is famous because it is one of the few variations with which you can bet all your money at any time. In the poker world this is also called “all-in”.

Most players think they know when to go all in, but a large part of them do it too often or too little. The truth; you never win in poker if you never go all-in, but you never win if you go all-in with every hand. There is a way in between, but how can you find it? This is a part of the daftar situs online qq judi terbaik 2020.

All-in at Poker

Our advice is to determine every situation based on the number of chips you still have in your hands. A different poker strategy is needed to go all-in with a short stack (few chips) compared to having an average stack or a large stack. Not every online casino offers poker and not every poker site has a different casino games, so depending on which game you want to play you have to make the choice.

See below how we based the stacks in this article on the number of large blind people

  • Short stack means that you have under 10 blind people.
  • Average stack means that you have between 11 and 25 blind people.
  • Large stack means that you have more than 25 blind people.

Short stack all-in strategy for the flop

During your adventures at the poker table you will often find yourself in situations where you have less than 10 big blind people. Although these situations are not fun, because nobody wants to be a short stack, it is the easiest stack to play. Going all-in is the only option that you should choose.

The reason to go all-in is because you simply don’t get a hit on the flop often enough to end up with a raise. So which hands should you go all-in with? The answer to this depends on your position at the poker table and how many people are already participating in the pot.

All-in strategy with an average stack

The moment you have an average stack of between 11 and 25 big blind people, things are no longer as simple as when you were a short stack. You can still look at the graphs to see if you can go all-in with certain hands if you have 20 or fewer big blind people, but the fact that you can go all-in with these hands does not mean that you are all-in want to go.

As an example, you play poker, you have two aces, the best possible hand in No Limit Texas Hold’em and you play with 20 big blind people. If you look at the graph you will certainly see that with this hand you should always go all-in to play profitably.

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